Saheefa Jabbar Launches Her Own Clothing Line ‘Evervanna’

Saheefa Jabbar has always stood out for her unconventional choices. Both as a model and as an actor, Saheefa has made sure to not conform to the typical set expectations. That is why Saheefa has, in a rather short time, really made a unique identity for herself.

And now Saheefa is all ready to take on a new venture as this talented and gorgeous woman has now launched her own clothing line. Called Evervanna by Saheefa Jabbar, the clothing line aims to change the high street fashion in Pakistan.

Personal style

Saheefa took to her social media to announce the launch of her new venture. Evervanna is the result of months of creative hard work for Saheefa. The inspiration for the clothing line was Saheefa’s own dressing style and the designers for whom Saheefa has modeled for over the years.

“The idea was to use my personal style and preferences to create a line of clothing with one of a kind designs, accessible to everyone,” wrote Saheefa in the announcement post for the clothing line.

Inclusive designs

The first designs offered by the clothing line are modeled by Saheefa and her husband, Khawaja Khizer Hussain. The idea behind choosing her non-actor/model husband to be the brand’s first model was to portray the brand’s ideology that it aims to cater to customers all across the board and not just offer designs that only fit a certain modelesque body type.

Evervanna is in part an extension of my experience in Pakistani fashion, and I believe the first line exhibits a new direction for streetwear. My experiences as a fashion curator over the years have left me encouraged, this collection in part does follow the imagination, creativity, and style of my favored international designers.”

In the future, the brand aims to offer a complete package for its customers by featuring accessories, footwear, bags, etc. For now, the brain will sell designs without compromising on the quality of the fabric as the idea behind it is to offer designs and clothes that Saheefa herself can choose to wear on any given day.

Evervanna is available to order online, with shipping available worldwide.

“I hope you take to the label and wear it, own it and find yourself in my clothes!!” Saheefa wrote as her hope for the brand and its future customers.


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