‘I Want To Make A Film That Inspires People,’ – Danish Nawaz

Danish Nawaz does not need an introduction. One of the most popular comedic actors in the industry, Danish has been part of many Pakistani sitcoms over the years. His shows Extras (The Mango People) and Nadaaniyaan have entertained the viewers for many years through the shows’ many re-runs on the channels.

Nowadays Danish Nawaz is garnering praise for donning a different hat. Always known for his comedic roles and ventures, it came as a surprise for many people when Danish Nawaz turned to direct mainstream drama serials. The first mainstream drama serial that Danish directed, Sun Yaara, was a success, and Danish followed it up by directing three more successful dramas. The recently concluded Kashf, which got critical praise for its nuanced direction and splendid performances, has certainly cemented Danish Nawaz’s position as a director to watch out for.

Offers more than entertainment

Being the son of an actor, the late Fareed Nawaz Baloch, and the younger brother of the actor-director Yasir Nawaz, Danish is certainly not a stranger to the world of creative arts. Danish has directed both sitcoms and dramas for television, as well as acted in both films and dramas. The 2019 film Wrong No.2‘s story is credited to Danish Nawaz. For Danish, directing is a passion and he does plan on directing a film in the future.

In an interview with RAVA Entertainment, Danish revealed his plans for the kind of movie that he wants to direct in the future. Talking about his own love for movies, Danish said that he doesn’t want to make a movie that people will forget about as soon as they walk out of the theater.

“I don’t want to make a film where people just watch, laugh, and come out of it. I want the audience to be able to take something away from the film that stays with them. I want to make a film that moves them, that inspires them to become something.”

A rollercoaster experience

Talking about his own experience during his university days, Danish said that he would reserve a day in the week just to go out and watch movies. Recalling the time when he watched films that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger or films like Rambo III, Danish told that he used to walk out of the theater feeling like a hero himself. And he had seen other people experience the same feeling. Danish wants his own movie to have the same emotions that these older movies evoked in him.

“A movie-watching experience should be like a rollercoaster. You have to be in that disheveled state after walking out of the theater. You have to go home and discuss the film because it left an impact on you. The older films used to have that in them. The films that are made nowadays don’t have that. They are like a 3-hour long moment that breaks the second you walk out of the theater hall.”

Although Danish said the idea of the film is still in the early development stages, he does have the story for it planned. When questioned who he wishes to cast in the film as the hero, Danish replied that Ahad Raza Mir does pop in his head but it is far too early to talk about anything finally.

Currently Danish Nawaz is directing Hum TV’s next Ramazan special serial Chupke Chupke starring Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid Butt.


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