Zara Noor Abbas To Star Alongside Sami Khan And Shahzad Sheikh In ‘Phaans’

There is a new trend in town where actors are now announcing their new projects via posting the picture of the script on their social media feed. Zara Noor Abbas, who hadn’t announced any new project officially despite rumors of her having started shooting a drama going around, took to her Instagram and announced her next project, a drama serial titled Badzaat.

Well, we have news that while Zara’s next project definitely is a drama serial that will air on Hum TV, its official title is not “Badzaat”. That was the working title of the drama. The official title of the project is Phaans and Zara Noor Abbas will be seen sharing the screen alongside Sami Khan and Shahzad Sheikh in the drama.

Ensemble cast

Written by Samina Ijaz and directed by Ahmad Kamran, who also directed the drama serial Baandi, Phaans revolves around an important social issue. While the sources close to the drama serial cannot reveal at this point which social issue the story is based on, it is being said that it is based on one of the societal issues which the audience will really relate to.

The cast of the drama includes Yashma Gill, Arjumand Rahim, Ali Tahir, and Kinza Malik. It is also being said that Phaans will have Shahzad Sheikh in a “never before seen avatar” and that his role is going to be completely different from anything he has ever done.

Social issues based dramas

Hum TV’s track record when it comes to dramas that revolve around important social issues has been good. The dramas on the channel have addressed the topic of child abuse in Udaari. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi had a main character who had a childlike mental state. Dramas like Ishq Zahe Naseeb and Saraab shed light on mental illnesses. And many more such dramas that address the important societal issues in both big and small ways. It is surely a progressive trend for the local drama industry to churn out projects which impact society in a positive way.

An exciting ensemble cast in a socially relevant drama is what the audience looks forward to in the age of sensationalism and glorified melodramatic family feuds on the small screen. Phaans with its social issue-based script and a strong cast can potentially be another winner for the channel.


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