‘It’s The Lowest Form Of Art To Take Clothes Off A Woman’ – Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi is one such celebrity who manages to create headlines with his every statement. Despite taking a break from the industry, Hamza continues to grab the limelight thanks to his unapologetic nature with which he expresses his opinions.

Recently, the actor yet again became the subject news headlines when a teaser of an interview he gave to a private news channel was released. The short clip featured Hamza talking about his stance on item numbers and it naturally got much attention on social media.

Questioning the need for item songs

Hamza’s views on item songs in Pakistani films are not a secret. He has always been frank about his stance that such things are not necessary to make a good film. During the interview when the topic of item songs in movies was discussed, Hamza cited cultural and religious reasoning for his strict stance against item songs.

“What could possibly be wrong when the dance moves based upon the utter objectification of the woman who is dancing?” Hamza sarcastically asked the interviewer when he was questioned whether he is against item songs because they are un-Islamic in nature.

“It doesn’t matter if she wants to do it or not,” Hamza continued as he clarified that his question is more for the makers who insist on including such songs in their films. “A song which focuses on the sexual appeal of the woman, the lyrics also focus on the sexual appeal of the woman, and then that song is being played on television and social media and kids watch it. Of course, it’s all wrong!”  

He further elaborated that growing up on such songs thanks to Bollywood, our sensitivities have been altered. Hamza claimed that the item songs have had a negative impact globally.

“We don’t need it. It is the lowest form of art to basically take off clothes off a woman. People will come watch it but it’s not art, it’s just nonsense.”

Distinction between art and other things

Talking about how there’s this perception that all kinds of art are prohibited in Islam, Hamza said that he intends to clarify that not all art is prohibited in Islam. Item songs of course are but it’s hard for him to defend the artistic endeavors from an Islamic point of view when Pakistani filmmakers continue to make films with such objectionable content. There should be a clear distinction between what is actually “art” and what this kind of content is.

“We don’t need it. You don’t demean a woman onscreen and call it art,” Hamza stated.

Concluding his stance by saying that he doesn’t understand how we as a society have come to a point where such content has become so normalized that we can easily watch it with our family, Hamza said that then there shouldn’t be any complains about the negative impacts this kind of content has had and continues to have on the society.


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