Here’s what went down between Nadia Khan, her husband, and his ex-wife

One of Pakistan’s most celebrated morning show hosts, Nadia Khan, recently broke the news of her third marriage to the retired Wing Commander Faisal Mumtaz Rao. The event was an intimate one with just close friends and family, and Nadia received an overwhelming response to her wedding on the internet. However, all that glitters isn’t gold. About three days ago, Nadia’s husband’s ex-wife took to Youtube and uploaded a video in which she shed some light on her relationship with Faisal and also pointed out why their marriage broke off.

Lubna Farooq was Faisal’s second wife, who uploaded this video on 8th February after Nadia Khan posted a vlog in which the new couple narrated their love story to fans. She started her vlog with an introduction to herself, telling viewers she’s Faisal’s second wife. But she followed that with a peculiar statement, that on the record, she is his second wife and that “many women have claimed to be his wife but on the record, I am his second and Nadia his third”.

She added that she was swooned at the peak of her career in Bahrain and just like any other woman, she left everything for Faisal who had proposed to her and even introduced her to his mother at his very first chance.

Faisal and Lubna got married on 8th June 2019 in Pakistan. Lubna also added, “how is it that he falls in love with someone so soon? Because when we were getting married, he was head over heels in love with me”. She added a video of a love note Faisal once wrote to her.

Nadia Khan's third husband
Nadia Khan's third husband

“After a few months, we were sure we wanted a divorce, in September 2020, and in October, he got engaged to Nadia Khan”. Addressing Faisal in the video, she asks, “Aap mohabbat itni jaldi kartay kesay hain? Thora sa gur humein bhi samjha dein”.

She went on to add that she knew Faisal had some issues as he would lock himself in the bathroom, break things in their house. She said that when he would lose his temper, he would “self-torture”, signalling at Faisal having some mental health issues.

They went on Umrah in December and in January they faced a lot of marital issues. Lubna started receiving messages from Faisal’s first wife, Shama, which ended up scaring Lubna. She said that of course Faisal had told her about his first wife and made her look like the bad guy and of course she believed him. But once she received these messages from Shama, she was shocked. Shama sent voice notes to Lubna in which she said that it is in Faisal’s “fitrat” to humiliate a woman. She continued saying that he will then take Lubna to malls but will make sure he gives her at least one such humiliating “dose”.

Lubna then confronted Faisal after which he said she should leave as his ex-wife Shama is doing black magic on them and she won’t let them be together. And then one day, Lubna decided to leave him as he confined her to one house and wouldn’t let her meet anyone, even her family. “I stopped talking to my friends, left all social groups. I was living in isolation and just spoke to Faisal”, Lubna added.

July end, Faisal sent Lubna divorce papers on which some signatures were forged. Apparently, Faisal did the same with his first wife. The divorce was finalised in October and within one month he got engaged to Nadia and then married in December. Lubna questioned Nadia’s video that how can the couple claim they met for 4 months? Lubna however hopes Faisal changes as a man, as a husband, and stops claiming to be a hero in front of people. 

She added, “I am an educated woman, I am sitting in the country with all the rights and I know my rights” and that she will not take any threats from her ex-husband Faisal Rao.

This video statement of Faisal’s ex-wife, Lubna, created havoc on social media as questions poured from Nadia Khan’s admirers.  But Nadia paid no heed and uploaded another vlog “Love Is In The Hair” on 12th February in which she shows her husband massaging her head with oil and the couple seems to be in love and enjoying their time together. The vlog has received a lot of love in the comments from her fans with prayers for the new couple.

Nadia Khan's husband

Will this entire episode cause problems between Nadia and her “brand new” husband? Or will this marriage be the last for the couple? We wish the newly married couple all the best with this new bond, hoping all issues will be resolved between the ex-wives and the couple.


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