Syra and Bilal posted a photo together and the internet cannot stop shipping them

Just over a year ago, Syra Yousuf and her former husband, Shahroze Sabzwari, announced that they’ll be getting a divorce while asking the public to respect their privacy in that difficult period. Shahroze married his current wife, model-turned-actress Sadaf Kanwal, and the internet went crazy. The character assassination of the newly married couple flew about while Syra was praised for her composure in the situation. Now, a year down the road, Syra and Bilal Ashraf posted pictures together on their respective Instagram accounts and netizens are in a frenzy!

Syra posted a selfie with the ‘Superstar’ actor with the caption that reads “Kind people are the best kind of people” and tagged Bilal. 

Syra and Bilal
Syra and Bilal

The comment section under her post is showered with love not just by fans, but also celebrities including Mahira Khan, Saboor Aly, Sofia Khan and designer Zara Shahjahan. 

Comments on Syra Yusuf post

Bilal also posted a picture with Syra on his account with the caption “Dataaaaa” to which Syra commented, “Hahah our standard greeting”. The comments below are full of speculations regarding the two actors’ relationship together. From the looks of it, fans are excited to see Syra and Bilal together, on-screen or off-screen.

Bilal Ashraf and Syra Yusuf

Syra, however, was also shipped with Sheheryar Munawar after a cozy shoot of the two hit the internet, last year. Sheheryar and Syra instantly came under the spotlight, especially since the shoot came out after Syra’s former husbands’ marriage, and the shoot was just so steamy. Their sizzling chemistry the audience back to the Ho Mann Jahaan days where the two were assumed to be together in the last few minutes after the duo busted killer moves to the famous track Shakar Wandaan. Syra and Sheheryar were later seen in Humayun Saeed starrer Project Ghazi.

Sheheryar Munawar and Syra Yusuf

Speculations of Bilal Ashraf and Syra Yusuf being in a romantic relationship are already floating the internet but neither of the two actors have brought forward any clarity on the matter. But they both definitely do look cute together.


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