Juggun Kazim opens up about being fat-shamed after pregnancy

Body shaming has become quite the norm these past few years, especially in our part of the world. We keep hearing about celebrities being shamed for being “too skinny” or “fat” almost every day, not just by their fans or the general public, but also by their co-workers. Models, actors, and other public figures are often subject to the public’s scrutiny and at times, it does get out of hand. Even the general public, like you and I, the common person, is either on the receiving end or the opposite, of body shaming. And what’s disappointing is that we don’t even realise the impact it has on the person being shamed. 

Juggun Kazim recently appeared in an interview where she shared that ever since she had her last baby, which was in October 2020, she has been subject to all sorts of comments on her body. Mind you, post-pregnancy weight gain is targeted the most in Pakistani women, where everyone thinks they’re giving you friendly advice to “take care of their body” but what is ignored is that a nursing mother cannot focus on losing weight as it does affect her child’s meals. 

In her recent interview with BBC Urdu, Juggun started with all the names she was called when she gained weight, including “moti, gainda” (fat, rhino). “The people who pass these remarks take it as a joke but they are painful for the one who is at the receiving end,” she said.

She broke down while saying, “People pass nasty comments regarding my chest. I know my size has increased and I know that if I wasn’t nursing, I could starve myself to lose weight, but if [right now] I go onto a hardcore Keto diet, ketones will be released in my milk. I can’t feed my child like that.”

Talking about the impact of post-pregnancy body shaming on one’s mental health, Juggun unfolded how she was deeply into postpartum depression. “When I was in postpartum depression and was constantly reminded of how fat l am, I just wanted the Earth to explode and for me to just fall into it and the entire chapter closes.” She also revealed how her body shamers impacted her everyday life. “Even now, when I’m walking, I walk in dropping posture so that no one notices my chest. I don’t want to feel like this and I don’t want any other woman to feel it either.”

Lastly, Juggun addressed her body shamers, asking them to let her be since she just reproduced. She added that if her body weight is to reduce, it will and if it doesn’t then it doesn’t. It is her choice. She concluded by saying, “For God’s sake, there’s a limit. There need’s to be a point to just take a break!”  

Back in 2019, the actor and TV host posted a detailed video on her YouTube channel regarding body shaming and how its victims go into depression, feel ashamed, and suffer from anxiety. She also revealed how she had a miscarriage and that resulted in weight gain. Juggun Kazim is a mother of 3, and like many other mothers on our side of the world, is body-shamed for gaining weight after giving birth to not just one, but three children. 


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