Noor is back on the hosting seat with an Islamic show

Lollywood’s diva is back on the hosting seat with her new Islamic show ‘Amad-e-Ramzan’. After a 3-year hiatus from the entertainment industry, Noor Bukhari, the “Hijabi-Superwoman” as some may say, is set to grace our screens with a religious show on PTV Home.

Talking to Galaxy Lollywood, Noor expressed her delight in returning to hosting while hoping that her visibility in her new avatar will help women wearing hijabs be “normal” and not a symbol of oppression. She also aims to bring religious and women-related issues to light in her ‘Amad-e-Ramzan’ show which will air on PTV Home. “It feels good to be back in front of the camera, that too at my home – PTV. PTV Home is my home”, she added while expressing her excitement. 

PTV Home is continuing its tradition of bringing Islamic content to our screens in Ramzan with special Sehri and Iftar television programming for the whole month, and now we will be seeing Noor bringing in a new trend of a pre-Ramzan transmission. The Shab-e-Miraj transmission aired last night, but we will be seeing more of her in live transmission before Ramzan starts, which we assume will be a show on how to prepare ourselves for the holy month.

Noor Bukhari
Noor Bukhari on the sets of Shab-e-Miraj transmission on PTV Home

This, however, is not the first time Noor will be hosting a show of her own. She was last seen hosting in October 2017 after which she bid her showbiz life farewell. This decision came out after her parting ways with her then-husband, singer Wali Hamid Khan, after which she chose to dedicate her life to a soul-searching path. “I am a changed woman. My ideals have changed. My hardship brought me closer to Allah and I want to be able to share my transformation and gain knowledge about this path I have taken.” Talking to a news agency, she said, “I truly believe you don’t choose to be close to Allah; He chooses you”. Her fans welcomed her decision and called her an empowering role model for Muslim women. 

The former actress is now seen closely with Bushra Bibi who is the wife of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Speaking in a Q&A session on Instagram with her followers about her relationship with Bushra Bibi, she said, “She’s [Bushra Bibi] more than a mother to me.”  In June 2018, Noor had shared a picture of herself and Bushra Bibi in Saudi Arabia, where the two had gone to perform the pilgrimage.


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