Iffat Omar called out for her privilege by Twitteratis

Pakistan is currently experiencing the third wave of the novel Coronavirus where we are now suffering from a new strain of the virus that has evolved symptoms and is transmitted at an even higher rate, but luckily, the vaccine is now available to the public. It is a slow process, where different centres are formed for the public (age 60 and above for now) to register themselves, join a queue, and get vaccinated with two jabs. Iffat Omar, however, jumped the process and received her jabs at the comfort of her home and Twitteratis are not happy.

On March 29, videos and pictures of the actress/host circulated the internet where she is seen with her family in a house, receiving her COVID-19 vaccination, thanks to her relative Federal Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema.

After news broke, the videos and images took the internet by storm, and Omar was criticised for her “privilege”, while some asked the government to take notice of this.

Soon afterwards, Iffat Omar took her Twitter account and released a statement where she said that what she received was a trial vaccine sent by the University of Health Sciences but people are not convinced by this statement, especially since the tweet was deleted minutes after it was posted.

Some Twitteratis were quick to notice the tweet and took a screenshot just moments before it went missing.

However, Pakistani Twitterati called her out on the claim, pointing out that CanSino was a single-dose vaccine and does not require a booster shot.

Iffat Omar has also been called out for her hypocrisy since she has spoken against an inefficient legal system and government earlier but has now allegedly broken the law herself.

It doesn’t end here though. Iffat then tweeted again, asking everyone to take it easy. That too received a whole lot of bashing from the Twitterati.

People are also pointing out that jumping the queue and getting the vaccination out of turn leads to the ones who are more vulnerable to the virus not receiving the vaccination.

Why are our celebrities, elite and influential people ready to use their power for all the wrong reasons? With great power comes great responsibility. When there are numerous deaths and still numerous health-workers and older people waiting to get vaccinated, why are ineligible people getting their vaccines, that too at their homes, rather than at the centres set by the government? What makes them more worthy of this treatment than everyone else? These are just some of the unanswered questions by the public and we are still waiting for clarification by the accused. Stay tuned for more updates on the subject.


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