Shaista Lodhi to make a comeback in era-based play ‘Pardes’

After a three-year hiatus from the television screen, popular morning show host Shaista Lodhi is returning to the small screen to act in an upcoming serial ‘Pardes’.

Speaking to Galaxy Lollywood, Shaista revealed that she was approached by Humayun Saeed to do the project and signed on because of the prestigious names attached to the project and her admiration for Marina Khan’s work ethic and skills. The serial also stars Sarmad Khoosat and working with him and learning from his acting skills has motivated Shaista to take up more acting projects. We will also see Bushra Ansari, Gohar Rasheed, Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, Sharmeen Ali, and Affan Waheed playing their part in this drama.

We have also learned that to play her role in ‘Pardes’, Shaista has made changes in her fast-paced life and has slowed down to focus on her character, and has also revamped her style. 

The story

Shaista Lodhi in era-based play Pardes

The story of the serial ‘Pardes’ is one that the audience will be able to connect with. The era-based drama is about a man living abroad to earn a living for his family which is back home in Pakistan. According to Lodhi’s spokesperson, the show is about how the man misses out on a lot of bonding and happiness with his family.

Shaista Lodhi will be playing the role of a wife, Zubaida, who also resides in Pakistan with his family. Zubaida is shown as a newly married woman who then transitions through the course of life into a young mother and then an older woman and that transition and what all she goes through in these different phases in her life is what makes the drama more relatable to the Pakistani audience. 

She said that women from desi families sacrifice and bear everything for their families, their home, and the people they hold closest to them. A typical desi woman’s life is filled with compromises but they always find a way to adjust to their situation. The drama shows her character as one such woman who makes all the sacrifices for her family and the attire of her character helps her elevate her role to its true essence. We will be seeing her in the role of a stereotypical housewife who, with time, develops dark circles because of her overworked life as a homemaker but is still a strong woman.

The serial is directed by Marina Khan and produced by Humayun Saeed and Nadeem Baig under Six Sigma Plus production and is expected to release after Eid.


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