7 underrated Lollywood Punjabi songs you must listen to

Sometimes, driving is just an excuse to just unwind, relax and listen to some good ol’ music. But the tragedy of a good song is that it’s played so much that at some point it is done to death. Most of the times, our go-to song would be an old school EP song, or maybe even some cool new pop single. We usually completely ignore Lollywood and its beautiful hidden gems altogether. We’ve curated a playlist of seven Punjabi love songs that we believe deserve an ear. The last one in the list is a hidden gem.

Chan Chariya — Bin Roye (2015)

Rekha Bhardwaj and Momin Durrani lent their voices to this modern Punjabi track. Their melodious voices paired with the soulful lyrics and composition of the song will be a treat for your ears. In fact, this song will stay on your “long-drive” playlist for the longest time. Composer Shani Arshad is great at bringing new styles of music like EDM to the mainstream.

Ve Tu Naire Naire — Majajan (2006)

A song by the folk-legend Late Tufail Niazi, Syed Noor has used this tune so well that we just can’t stop humming it for the entire day once played. The song truly leaves an impact on you and you must listen to it.

Dil Diyan Lagiyan Jane Na — Bao Jee (1968)

Such songs grow on you over time and is definitely one of our top pick from this films relatively less famous song ‘Dil Diyan Lagiyan‘. What a pleasant and happy song to just listen to on any possible day. We hop someone comes up with a good cover for today’s generation.

Par Channah De – Zinda Bhag (2013)

Before ‘Paar Channah‘ was famously featured in Coke Studio Season 9, Arif Lohar & Saleema Javed sung the oringinal for the movie ‘Zinda Bhaag‘ in 2013. Not to compare art, but the original can be considered better in many ways. The earthy folk voice quality of Arif and Saleema is something we truly missed in Coke Studio’s version. The latter seemed to have missed the folk and Punjabi kick to the song.

Bunde Chandi De — Chan Mahi (1956)

From the good ol’ black and white Pakistani cinema days comes one of our all time favourite songs ‘Bunde Chandi De‘. Based on a folk tune this Late Rashid Attre, and sung by the legendary Zubaida Khannum in beautiful voice, the song has swing to it. Definitely one of the most underrated Punjabi songs of Lollywood.

Badlaan — Baaji (2019)

Sung by Zeb Bangash and Saad Sultan, this track is a rendition of the yesteryear singer Afshan’s super-hit oldie. Listening to this song will make you feel like you’re diving through the clouds. Composed by Zeb Bangash and Shahzad Ali, and written by Shakeel Sohail, this song hasn’t received due appreciation at all. 

Taki Ja Dholna — Nooran (2000)

When Saad Sultan recreated ‘Laaiyan Laaiyan‘ from the late 80’s movie ‘Choorian‘, it took the internet by storm. The song became the new cool tune and we appreciated it, right? And we wanted more songs just as sweet as that one. Here’s a gift for ‘Laaiyan Laaiyan‘ fans. ‘Taki Ja Dholna‘ is just another exemplar of lost treasures. It’s melodious, soft and romantic. Sung by Naseebo Laal and oh what a powerful voice she has, this gem of a song is embellished by Naseebo’s supreme vibratos.  


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