Teasers of HUM TV’s rom-com ‘Tanaa Banaa’ offer fresh romance and a playful story

The popularity of Ramzan shows has increased over the past few years. One of the reasons why they resonate so well with the audience is because they provide respite from the hard-hitting and run-of-the-mill dramas channels air throughout the year. Of all the channels airing Ramzan special shows, HUM TV has always lead the race. 

Between ‘Chaudhween Ka Chaand‘ and ‘Suno Chanda‘, the public is always looking forward to seeing the channel’s latest offerings. And this year, it seems like the audience is in for a treat, yet again, as HUM TV is back with not just one but two rom-com Ramzan special shows, one of them being Daniyal Zafar’s debut in acting alongside Alizeh Shah, named ‘Tanaa Banaa‘ and the channel released its official teasers last night.  

Starring Daniyal and Alizeh in lead roles, the drama has already started creating hype. Here’s all you need to know about it.

The plot

The teasers revealed what promises to be an adorable love story between the two leads as Daniyal Zafar plays a hardcore believer in astrology while Alizeh is playing the role of a pragmatic person. He wants to marry her but she insists on completing her education first. Apparently, they sign some sort of a deal where Daniyal would have to wait for some time before marrying Alizeh. Daniyal had earlier disclosed in an interview that the story revolves around the different dynamics between the characters and it deals with romance, comedy, and pain. 

First impressions

Fresh faces and pairings in dramas are always appreciated by the audience, regardless of how the drama fairs. And it seems like the cast will be well-received by the audience considering they could not stop sharing BTS photos and videos that went viral a few months ago. Keeping that in mind, it looks like the cast was having a ball shooting for the drama and the teasers show sizzling chemistry between the two leads.

Produced by MD Productions, directed by Saif e Hassan and written by Hassaan Imam, ‘Tanaa Banaa‘ is pegged as a lighthearted drama, just like Hum TV’s usual Ramazan special affairs, and also stars Javeria Abbasi, Aamir Qureshi, and Komal Rizvi. has an ensemble cast including Javeria Abbasi, Aamir Qureshi, Hassan Noman Qureshi, Ismat Zaidi, Komal Rizvi, and Tania Amna Hussain. The channel hasn’t announced a release date but it will probably start from the first of Ramzan. 


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