YouTuber Rahim Pardesi to make his acting debut in ‘Inspector Bulla’

After gaining years of fame for his characters on his YouTube channel, Rahim Pardesi, best known as his character “Nasreen”, is stepping into the world of acting, debuting in his very own web-series ‘Inspector Bulla’.

A project that was meant to be released earlier but, like many others, was delayed due to the pandemic,  the action/adventure comedy web-series has been a work-in-progress since 2019.  

The plot

Rahim pardesi Inspector Bulla

‘Inspector Bulla’ will be a full entertainment package loaded with action, comedy, drama, and also give the audience some deep messages on life. Playing the lead role of Bulla in the series, Rahim revealed that this is a story of a modern-day Robin Hood policeman with a twist, who recently transferred from the village to the city. He is faced with tough choices, between right and wrong. Bulla is a tough modern-day hero who also has an extremely fun side to himself as well. Speaking to Galaxy Lollywood, Rahim revealed that the said web-series is very different from any previous project he has ever done.

“It is very different to any previous project I have done or that anyone has done especially as a YouTuber and digital content creator in Pakistan. I hope to change the game and really raise the bar when it comes to content and entertainment. This is an extremely exciting project for me and my audience. I have a brilliant young team that consists of fresh graduates working on this project with me who really understand my vision and execute it perfectly.” 

We also had a short one-on-one with the YouTube star where he revealed some details about his character and how he got the idea of creating his very own web series.

One-On-One with Rahim Pardesi

Rahim has always had a passion for acting, visible from his fun characters like Nasreen portrayed on his YouTube channel. He expressed how he discovered his passion at the age of 3 and that’s when we knew he wanted to take acting up as a career as well.

“Ever since I can remember, acting has always been rushing through my veins and blood like adrenaline. From mimicking film scenes in front of a mirror at the age of 3 to acting out scenes for family and friends at gatherings, acting has always been a strong passion and I’m now at a point where I’d like to take it to the next level.”

Inspector Bulla Rahim Pardesi

He has chosen to start his acting career through this web-series because this is something he has created himself and has been working on for years. He also added that he wants to give his audience content and an experience that will leave them wanting more after each episode, waiting eagerly for the next one.

“ I had a vision which I had created with a lot of passion and love and I want the audience to be hooked to each part of the story so you are left guessing, at the edge of your seats, waiting for the next episode. I believe this will really help in the audience seeing this story for what it is, see the effort gone into it, and really appreciate the hard work gone into it, perfecting each scene and really aiming (and probably also achieving) towards high quality of content for the audience to consume.”

Talking a bit about his character in the series, he said, “ Bulla is the main character and the centre of the story. He is someone that does as he pleases and his actions then influence the whole story and create the narrative. Bulla is mischievous but also faces some serious moments in his life. I hope the audience really loves the character.”

Being superbly popular and having 2 million+ followers on YouTube, Rahim Pardesi’s debut in the world of acting already seems promises considering his immense skill of delving into another character effortlessly. The slight glimpse into the series and the release of the first song ‘Bulla‘ has gotten his fans excited and waiting eagerly for his new character. Stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood for more updates.


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