Mezan’s special Ramadan naat strikes all the right chords

Ramzan brings upon us a ton of blessings. The entirety of the Muslim Ummah is enveloped in a blanket of festivity and there is celebration all around. Ramzan TVC’s are also made with the spirit of goodwill and spirituality present and Mezan group’s new ad film embodies these sentiments.

The story

The film follows Shoaib Akhtar as he watches people performing good deeds all around. From an old man tearing up his shawl to make a bandage for an injured goat to a little boy giving his money to charity instead of buying a ball to a young fisherman giving away the fish he caught to a poor mother and her hungry children. These small sacrifices by the three men bring immense joy to the poor and helpless and it is a beautifully shot visual treat to behold. The little goat with her bandage, the poor mother being able to feed her children, and the child adding to the donation box are the true pinnacle of humanity and kindness. These beautiful gestures truly made our day.

Towards the end, all of their good deeds are rewarded. Shoaib plays cricket with the little child, invites the young fisherman to dine with him, and gives his shawl to the old man, signifying their good deeds being returned tenfold. Besides the visual beauty of the ad and the brilliant videography, the Naat being recited in the background is a lovely ad-on. It has been vocalized splendidly and gives a whole new air of spirituality to the ad film that truly reaffirms one’s faith.

The message

The Ad film is the perfect example of our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)’s teachings. All 3 brands ‘Mezan, Mezan Ultra Rich, and Cola Next’ are utilized to add a sense of completion to the film. By showing us how good deeds always find their way back to us, the film encourages people to help each other and be kind to each other. Shoaib Akhtar’s actions throughout the film as he rewards people for their willingness to help each other is truly heartwarming and it encompasses the true essence of Islam and Ramzan. The film also does great work in reiterating the teachings of the final Prophet (PBUH) and their importance.

Final word

TVC’s are an important part of the TV experience. They have a widespread viewership that makes them a great medium to reach the masses. We appreciate the work Mezan group is doing in spreading positivity through their Ads. Creating an Ad film that gives such a positive message, that too, in the holy month of Ramzan is a truly pious gesture and we hope they’re rewarded for it immensely. It is up to us now to take these teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to heart and try to be our best selves for this holy month and onwards along with the Mezan Group.

You can watch the full ad film on the following link:

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