Making an action series in Pakistan is a big challenge: Shamoon Abbasi about ‘Karachi Division’

The digital world has proven to be far more engaging and realistic in terms of content. If you’re done with watching melodramatic stuff on television, then a good web series is surely your cup of tea. I can go on by writing hundreds of words about the pros of the digital world, but let’s come to the point straight away. Shamoon Abbasi is all set to stun the audience with his power-packed performance in his upcoming web series Karachi Division. 

The makers dropped the trailer of the edgy, action, crime saga, and by all means, it is bloody intense. Karachi Division narrates the rivalry between two criminal gangs who seek complete control over the city. They are ready to surpass every limit even if it requires bringing the entire city and its people to the loggerheads. 

The trailer got us intrigued, so we at Galaxy Lollywood gave Abbasi a call for details.

 “Karachi Division sheds light on how the city has been deeply influenced by the political parties over the past few decades and got divided into sections. If we closely monitor the facts, it is clearly evident that the foreign powers had been appointed not just to destroy Karachi’s economical status but security policies as well. Resultantly, it ended up damaging the city’s well-being.”  

Shamoon wanted to present the scenario of Karachi in some sort of narrative. “I watch a lot of foreign content and wonder why do they always blame Pakistan for being a terrorist country without knowing the facts? What is the country going through and who is actually making it a dangerous place? This question needed to be answered; hence, I created Karachi Division.” 

Abbasi spoke about the challenges he faced while executing Karachi Division: “Making an action series in Pakistan is a big challenge. Since we are not trained in this particular genre; I had to put my heart and soul to train all my actors to give them a complete understanding of the process that should come across authentic on screen too. We have wasted so much of our great talent in drawing rooms and bedrooms stories; so now doing action sequences has become a challenge for most of the actors.” (Smiles) 

About the question on managing the dynamics while working with a huge cast, he said: “My projects are never about I, me and myself; they are about defining the narrative and sending the core message to the audience. I write my stories in a particular way that every actor is important and contributes to the story. This is the reason why my entire cast is confident and secure and never has any issues in portraying their parts. In a nutshell, they enjoy being part of my projects.”  

The OTT platform is picked up by the entire world to showcase their talent especially when the Coronavirus Outbreak’s impact looms large on cinema. “I am optimistic and want all the filmmakers, writers, actors, and musicians to start considering the OTT platforms of Pakistan in the future.”

Wrapping up our conversation we asked Shamoon the million-dollar question i.e. when is Karachi Division releasing? “It’s coming out in July on STARZPLAY; the date is yet to be finalized. Also, we have planned five more seasons; but at first, we want to engage the audience. Subsequently, we will begin shooting for season two later this year.” 


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