Did Saboor Aly Actually Refuse To Wear A Mask Inflight Because Of Acne?

Saboor Aly

With Pakistan currently facing a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is as important as ever for all citizens to play their part for everyone’s safety. The NCOC has urged people to follow SOPs as the cases of Delta variant increase by the day.

Celebrities have constantly been under intense scrutiny throughout the year for various reasons, be it having huge gatherings amid the pandemic or not following the SOPs. 

Recently, ‘Parizaad’ actress Saboor Aly found herself in the middle of another controversy. She was criticized for refusing to wear a mask on a flight because the mask might cause acne. 

A person on Twitter claimed that Saboor was on the same flight as his sister. 

The alleged incident created a stir on social media and people began bashing the actress for not adhering to the rules and not caring about others’ health. 

Galaxy Lollywood reached out to Saboor Aly for her side of the story and she completely denied the accusation. According to her, the story making the rounds is untrue. 

With fake news on the rise, it is more important than ever for people to see both sides of the story before passing any judgement and read such claims on social media with a pinch of salt.


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