Atiqa Odho Performed Her Namaz Incorrectly And People Are Furious

Atiqa Odho while performing namaz in 'Pardes'

In today’s world when people are observant of everything and are able to voice their opinions easily on social media, celebrities have to be on their toes with everything. They have to be careful of every move since anything wrong they do takes minutes to get viral. 

Veteran actress Atiqa Odho got herself into trouble when the viewers noticed that she performed her namaz erroneously in the recent episode of ‘Pardes’. While carrying out tasleem, she turned on the left side first and then the right, which is the opposite way. This created a stir on social media as people found it religiously offensive and irresponsible of her and the creators.

The criticism led the channel, ARY Digital, to remove the specific scene from their YouTube video of the episode. Atiqa Odho and the channel have not made any comments on it, but the removal of the clip makes it clear that people’s opinions have reached them. 

Last week, Atiqa Odho’s ‘Pardes’ costar Bushra Ansari was also bashed for a video of her dancing with Azaan Sami Khan at Sultana Siddiqui’s grandson Shahmir Shunaid’s wedding. Some people pinpointed that she should be mourning her sister’s demise, whereas others said that a legendary actress should be more ‘graceful’. 

Artists are always under scrutiny and judgments come along with the tag of being famous. It is a two-way street. The actors and creators have the responsibility to be a bit more careful, whereas people need to stop being critical of every small detail. 


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