International Battle Royal Game ‘Free Fire’ Is Now Available In Urdu

Free Fire

One of the world’s most downloaded battle royale games, ‘Free Fire’ has recently updated to a new version; OB20, in which the game has introduced the Urdu language. This will allow people from all sorts of educational and language backgrounds found in Pakistan to understand and play ‘Free Fire’ easily. 

Why Urdu

‘Free Fire’ eSports has grown massively in Pakistan. It is the first game brand to partner with the Government of Pakistan’s E-PAK initiative to promote eSports in Pakistan. Urdu is the most spoken and understandable language across Pakistan. The international free-to-download game wants to make its user experience more simple and accessible.

‘Free Fire’s’ user interface can now be switched from English labels to Urdu, including buttons and other critical information necessary to navigate around the user interface. It’s a game that has gone beyond the regular standards for the gamers of Pakistan.

What is ‘Free Fire’

‘Free Fire’ is known for its unique aspects; fun, connections and friends, strategy and competition. These competencies of the game are the result of the collective efforts put in by its product development, marketing, partnerships, and eSports teams at Garena. 

The game has over 35 unique characters, and each character has a special ability that can be used to give it an advantage in a certain domain. These characters and their abilities can be further assisted by pets. Just like real-world pets, the in-game pet follows the character everywhere and amplifies one of the abilities. 

The game offers a lot of different guns, pet skins and costumes for the characters. It also has a range of different maps that can host up to 52 players in a single game session, as well as different game modes that allow for small and shorter games with more interesting rules. 

The concepts of squads and guilds take the connection and competitive element of the game to a whole new level. A squad is a small group of 4 people who can play as a team in a single game. Guild is a huge team, more like a huge clan, that can have up to 50 people under the same clan tag. They can put together the players from their guild to represent their clan at official and unofficial ‘Free Fire’ tournaments. 

Events and Giveaways 

‘Free Fire’ has been promoting huge ‘Free Fire’ eSports events for its users, both locally and internationally, one after another. On every major local and international occasion, the royal battle game brings exciting events, contests, giveaways, and in-game items for its users. Their users love these bursts of excitement, in-game and out-of-game giveaways. 

Independence Day Event

On 14 August, ‘Free Fire’ is bringing an exciting photo contest and some in-game missions that can help the users win some very valuable in-game items. For the Jashan-e-Azadi event, users can download ‘Free Fire’ and start completing missions starting on 9 August till 14 August.

Points obtained by completing these missions can be redeemed on 14 August for valuable in-game prizes, such as 1 of the 4 special female bundles, a duck pet skin – DJ Beanie, “Let’s go” Emote, Soundwave Thrasher and much more. 

Pakistani Survival Style Photo Contest 

The contest aims to highlight and talk on a lighter note, about some of the common struggles that young Pakistanis normally face, with their parents, teachers or even people from the same group, on daily basis.

The photo contest is a way to help them express their struggles in an entertaining way and celebrate Independence Day acknowledging the endurance and dedication that the young generation has shown and the love they have for the country.

All you have to do for this contest is:

  • Take a photo of yourself indulged in one of the typical daily life struggles as a Pakistani. To assist you with ideas, you can refer to the list of desi struggles posted below.
  • Next, post this photo on your Facebook or Instagram profile with the post visibility set to ‘public’ along with a caption describing the struggle and hashtags #FFMySurvivalStyle #FreeFirePK.
  • Wait for the ‘Free Fire’  team to pick the top 20 contestants and publish their submissions for public voting on ‘Free Fire’s’ official social channel

Top 20 submissions will be posted for the first round of voting between 12 August (night) and 15 August. The top 5, top 2 and the winner will be announced on 16 August.

It is a chance to win a smartphone, power banks, gaming earphones, ‘Free Fire’ gift hampers and valuable in-game costumes. 

Download the first battle royale game in Urdu from 

Play ‘Free Fire’ this August to join interesting events, especially on 14 August to win various gifts. 


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