Here’s What Really Happened With The ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’ Plagiarism Fiasco

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay and Korean Drama

To be completely candid, last night was nothing short of a frenzy at Galaxy Lollywood. It all started out with one simple discovery, one of the most popular dramas currently is running a tune eerily similar to a Korean drama’s OST, but more on that later.

The Chinese Whisper

It surely felt like news worth telling. The plan was uncomplicated, but the angle kept changing as it was communicated forward, and as a result, we’ve been labelled as ‘Instagram phuphos’. But things are barely ever as straightforward as they seem.

Real Issue

What people missed out on was that the background music used in ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’ is actually inspired blatantly plagiarised from Choi Baek-Ho – The Night, which is an OST for ‘Beyond Evil’ K-drama. The exact music score starts at 1:25 seconds of this track. It was released early this year. 

The tune can be heard during the episodes of the drama and in the promos. 

With a new team on board, misunderstandings at different levels led to a distorted article. The real problem wasn’t with the OST music and Azaan Sami Khan, as earlier reported. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any truth to what we said.

After thorough research, we discovered that ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’ official credits state that the background score is by Red Stick Media. Ahmed Jehanzeb, who is the head of audio and sound design at Red Stick Media, mentioned in his recent interview with Ahsan Khan that he has created music for the drama.

How We Run Things

That’s why we felt responsible for apologising to Azaan, but this won’t stop us from attempting to unearth hidden stories and holding people accountable. There can sometimes be errors in judgement, but real courage is when you own up to them.

But let this not diminish the fact that copyright is a serious dilemma in our industry, but most in our society are blind to this. Lack of awareness of copyright laws often leads creators to be exploited and those in power easily get away with plagiarism.

Our intention has always been to expose the wrong and help those who could possibly be unaware of the rip-off or their own rights, and that will continue. We take this in our stride and promise to keep moving forward. A new day brings more revelations from the industry, or as you might call it, ‘masala’. Signing off. On to the next article.


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