“Ahmed Ali Akbar Wasn’t The First Choice For Male Lead”: Hashim Nadeem On ‘Parizaad’


HUM TV’s drama ‘Parizaad’ is an adaptation of Hashim Nadeem’s famous novel based on a social romantic story of a poor middle-class boy. It is directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and produced by MD productions. The cast of this show includes Ahmed Ali Akbar, Nauman Ijaz, Yumna Zaidi, Urwa Hocane, Saboor Aly, Adnan Tipu Shah, Leyla Zuberi, Syed Muhammad Ahmed, Ushna Shah, Mashal Khan, Nadia Afgan, Kiran Tabeer, Madiha Rizvi, Malik Hamid Raza, and many more.

The Writer’s Revelations

The writer of the novel and the show, Hashim Nadeem, recently revealed some details about the drama. Turns out that ‘Parizaad’ was actually written as an experiment, much like his previous show ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb’. 

Hashim Nadeem is a Pakistani-Urdu novelist, drama writer and poet. ‘Khuda aur Mohabbat’, ‘Dhaani’, ‘Raqs e Bismil’, ‘Visaal’ are some of his renowned works that we have already seen and appreciated.

The writer said that the “channel was again reluctant and afraid of showing an offbeat man-oriented plot” with ‘Parizaad’. “

Parizaad, the protagonist who is born and raised in an underprivileged family, is always mocked for his dark complexion. The drama has successfully shed light very artistically on a range of issues that are embedded in society. 

Casting Choices

Hashim Nadeem also revealed that Ahmed Ali Akbar, who is now playing the main leading character of Parizaad, was not the first choice for this casting. However, according to him: “Ahmed Ali Akbar proved himself as the ultimate choice for the role of Parizaad.”

Ahmed Ali Akbar is previously known for his work in ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ and ‘Tajdeed-e-Wafa’. He is now getting a lot of recognition because of his performance in ‘Parizaad’ and has been lauded for his method of acting. 

‘Qayamat’ actress Neelam Munir was also supposed to play Naheed’s role that is played by Ushna Shah, who has been well received for her performance. 

The drama ‘Parizaad‘ with a stellar cast is gaining popularity with each episode.


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