Hacker M Has Been Hacking Throughout Pakistan! Find The Truth Behind It In This Article

free fire

It’s been a strange day as a hacker has been appearing in various cities of Pakistan. An M hacker sign has been spotted in different areas of Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. 

Several social media channels and pages of digital creators are being hacked, including DablewTee, BWP Production, The Fun Fin, etc.

We’re also being told that ‘Free Fire’ users have been receiving funny notifications from the hacker ‘M’, which has a hidden message; the first letter of push notification from 1/9 to 8/9 forming into “I’m Moco”.

Does that mean ‘Free Fire’ is coming up with their Moco rebirth campaign? We’ve figured out the secret. 

Disclosing The M Secret

It’s time to uncover the most happening event of the year. Everyone is curious to know who is this M hacker? We will answer all your questions and reveal the truth behind this phenomenon. 

The Battle Royale game, ‘Free Fire Pakistan’, will be launching their exciting Moco rebirth campaign. The event is a surprise for ‘Free Fire’ as well as everyone, aim to create excitement and fun activity in daily life. It will begin from September 10 till September 26, and on September 18, there will be opportunities for the players to win several amazing rewards.  

About Free Fire

‘Free Fire’ is one of the most downloaded battle royale games in the world with over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. Last month, the game’s user interface added the Urdu language, allowing users to choose between English and Urdu. This makes it easier for people from all sorts of educational and language backgrounds found in Pakistan to understand and play the battle in style. ‘Free Fire’ is popular for its three most unique aspects: fun, connections with friends, strategy and competition.

What makes it, even more, better is that ‘Free Fire’ is a free-to-play game, which means the users don’t have to buy the game to play it, hence do not miss out on this Pakistani survival-style game.

They have been coming up with a lot of interesting, unique events every month with loads of prizes, both; in and outside the game. Their users love these bursts of excitement and chances to win several amazing gifts. Be it smartphones, gaming earphones, portable Bluetooth speakers, merchandise, power banks, and many more exciting other gadgets, ‘Free Fire is fulfilling all its users’ wishes. 

Have you received the message yet? Because we just did and it says: “Join Moco Rebirth Event now! Loads of AMAZING REWARDS await!” Here’s the link: https://bit.ly/Find_Me_HERE

Download, play and win! 

Follow ‘Free Fire’ Pakistan’s social media for the newest information: https://m.facebook.com/freefirepkofficial


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