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Viewers Divided Over Slap Scenes In ‘Laapata’ And ‘Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay’

In present times, people verbalize their views by dint of an accessible medium like social media. Netizens are particularly critical of drama serials and they widely vocalize their opinion. Slap scenes in recent episodes of ‘Laapata’ and ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’ created an online chasm. We will discuss each scene separately, coupled with disparate opinions held by the audience regarding both scenes.


‘Laapata’ is a HUM TV project. This drama is written and directed by Khizer Idress and produced by Momina Duraid. The show has acclaimed actors in the leading cast such as Ali Rahman, Goher Rasheed, Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan, Asma Abbas and Rabia Noreen.                                                                              

A recent episode of ‘Laapata’ reveals the psychological struggles of Daniyal, played by Gohar Rasheed. When Daniyal sees the picture of his wife Falak, played by Sarah Khan, and her cousin Shams, played by Ali Rahman, he gets extremely furious. Daniyal confronts Falak, during the course of this confrontation, he slaps her. Falak slaps him back instantly. This scene of Laapata has divided the internet where one segment is extolling this scene while the other segment is criticizing the same.

This scene has been extolled for portraying a strong woman’s character on screen. Even Gohar Rasheed took to the internet and revealed that he took up Daniyal’s character only because of this scene. He stated that when a fragile man treats you like Daniyal, make a choice like Falak did. Various people particularly praised the writer for writing a strong woman’s character, unlike other Pakistani dramas. It educates women against domestic violence. This scene is especially inspirational for women to stand up against any physical abuse at the hands of their husbands. Needless to say, Gohar Rasheed and Sarah Khan’s acting was phenomenal in this scene which definitely extended the impact of this particular scenario.

However, the scene has been criticized as well. According to some viewers, physical abuse should not be equated with physical abuse. People are of the view that domestic violence at the hands of the husband or wife should not be shown or promoted on television screens. People further vocalized that a man who physically abuses a woman cannot be pushed back in his boundaries by a counter slap. According to them, men are physically stronger therefore they might brutally harm a woman after receiving a slap from her. Some people even feared that this scene might influence the young female minds, who might practice the same in their own life which can bring serious consequences. 

Nonetheless, domestic violence is a prevalent issue in Pakistan, a large number of women are subject to this abuse. Such scenes at least educate women that they can try to stand up for their rights. Undoubtedly, such a projection of a female character is far better than a submissive female who only cries over her husband’s ill-treatment.

‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’

‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’ is a HUM TV project. This drama is written by Umera Ahmed, directed by Farooq Rinnd and produced by Nina Kashif and Momina Duraid Productions. The star-studded drama has Usman Mukhtar, Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan and Haroon Shahid in the leading cast.

In a recent episode, Mehreen, played by Mahira Khan, and Aswad, played by Usman Mukhtar, get engaged. Mashal, played by Kubra Khan, unknown of their engagement, constantly calls Aswad, who does not answer her call. When Mashal comes to know that Aswad and Mahreen went out, she asks Mahreen where she went with Aswad. Agitated and furious by Mahreen’s replies, Mashal tightly slaps her and leaves the room.

A lot of people opined that this particular scene looks a little exaggerated. Viewers are not critical of Mehreen’s reaction. According to them, Mehreen’s character is of a blunt and vocal girl, she should have reacted in an appropriate manner. Some individuals stated that physical abuse between any gender should not be normalized. Physical assault between similar gender is just as bad. Netizens maintained that such scenes promote the use of physical force in arguments that could potentially negatively impact young minds.

However, a considerable audience extolled the scenes due to the execution, expression and intensity. According to them, this scene rightly projects the spiteful and insecure character of Mashal whereas, the stunned expression on Mehreen’s face coupled with her dolorous eyes showcases her broken soul which she camouflages with a blunt demeanour. People widely praised Mahira Khan for her poignant expressions and the pain she carried in her eyes. Likewise, Kubra Khan also received acclaim for playing a negative role so convincingly.

Brighter Future

Nonetheless, critical opinions by the audience, backed by a constructive discussion, is extremely imperative for the growth of our drama industry. People communicate to the creators through such debates, which consequently urges the creators to produce more convincing, relatable and appropriate content in future.



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