‘Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah’ Hurts Religious Sentiments With Controversial Narrative

‘Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah’s’ latest teaser has created an online uproar. This is a HUM TV project written by Khalil-Ur-Rahman, directed by Waheb Jafri and produced by MD production. The leading cast includes Nabeel Zuberi, Dur-e-Fishan, Shabbir Jan, Farida Shabbir, Salma Hasan and, Sohail Sameer. The controversial teaser has been criticized for scandalizing Islamic injunction. In the said teaser, an old lady states that the marriage of Maha and Asad, two lead characters of this drama, is not valid as both are milk-siblings i.e. they have been breastfed by the same mother.

Actual Story

The whole scandalous scenario is totally dispensable. As per the actual story, Maha, played by Dur-e-Fishan, and Asad, Played by Nabeel Zuberi, are not Milk-siblings. Their vicious paternal aunt fabricates this story. She asks an old house help to tell the same to Maha’s father, played by Sohail Sameer, in exchange for money. The mother has passed away so the father believes the old lady. He even gets a heart attack. 

Meanwhile, Maha gets pregnant, which further stretches the controversy. The teaser also showcases that an old man asks the house help to take a Quranic oath in order to prove her claim.

Viewer’s Reaction

This teaser definitely hurt the audience’s sentiments. Such sensitive issues should not be casually incorporated in stories especially when they are totally unnecessary. Moreover, the Quranic oath scene also did not go well with viewers. People took to the internet to slam this. It is extremely dejected that a popular platform like HUM TV is promoting such practices.


HUM TV removed the contentious teaser after receiving immense backlash and uploaded a shortened promo later on. Nonetheless, the controversial storyline is likely to cause more controversy in the near future.


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