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Analysing The Unique Filmography Of Director Abu Aleeha

Signing up for multiple films is a healthy sign for any director, but there isn’t any surety that all of them will end up seeing the light of the day as per the scheduled date. One such director is Abu Aleeha, who is on a roll, as he announced several films with few big stars over the past couple of years. Some of the trailers and BTS footages did surface on the internet, but what makes the audience curious is the release prospects. So, what is the issue? Let’s analyse. 

Released Ventures 

The filmmaker has movies like ‘Tevar’ and ‘Kataksha’ to his credit. The 2019 films not only opened to an average response at the box office but also got negative reviews from the critics. However, his body of work showed his inclination towards the horror, suspense and action genres.  

Films on hold 


This thriller stars biker Marina Syed as the protagonist. The film is loosely based on the horrific motorway rape case that occurred at the Lahore – Sialkot motorway. Going by the trailer, the movie depicts a woman stepping out of her home alone, giving no liberty to anyone to touch her. It also stars theatre actors Ayaz Ali and Bilawal Hussain.

Once Upon a Time in Karachi

Next up is the action-comedy that revolves around social issues. Starring Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nausheen Shah in leading roles, the premise revolves around a middle-class man and his daily struggles eventually affecting his married life. An official poster was released in April 2020 followed by an action-packed teaser. The rest of the cast includes Marhoom Ahmed Bilal, Adnan Shah Tipu and Yasir Taj.


The film, announced in June 2020, features Mirza Gohar Rasheed and Sonya Hussyn. The plot shows a couple affected by the horrors of COVID-19. It highlights the repercussions of the pandemic and lockdown. It is written by Abida Ahmed. Actress Faryal Mehmood was the first choice for the female lead but due to some date issues, she backed out. A sneak peek was shared by the director on Instagram.

Udham Patakh

Touted to be Pakistan’s first zombie horror comedy, actors Faizan Sheikh and Hira Umer will make their cinematic debuts with this one. Cinema in Pakistan has been saturated with romcoms; therefore, the trailer of ‘Udham Patakh’ and its tagline that says “Zombies Se Darna Nahi, Larna Hai” comes across as refreshing. The blend of political satire tossed with social media trends looks interesting. Produced by Javed Ahmed Kakepoto, it features Syed Ali Rizvi, Shabana Hassan and Taha Humayun in major roles.

Half Fry

Abu Aleeha yet again made headlines in 2019 with another film ‘Half Fry’, starring real-life couple Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz. The masala entertainer has an ensemble cast that includes Faizan Khawaja, Faryal Mehmood, Danish Nawaz, Sana Fakhar, Ismail Tara and Saleem Mairaj. However, Yasir confirmed to Galaxy Lollywood that the film has been shelved. He said: “We only shot for that project for a day, and Iqra did not even get to face the camera. The film essentially didn’t make it to the floors, and as to why that happened, the director can tell you better.”

Film on Floors


This movie was announced last year. It is directed by Abida Ahmed and will mark the debut of television actor Raeed Muhammad Alam. The story is based on a street fighter from Lyari, who raises his voice for his rights. It will also feature versatile actors Saleem Meraj and Yasir Taj in pivotal roles.

The Untold Story Of A Serial Killer

A few weeks back, Abu Aleeha had announced ‘The Untold Story Of A Serial Killer’, based on the life of a murderer Javed Iqbal, played by Yasir Hussain. Ayesha Omar will be seen in the role of a police officer. The film is being currently shot and scheduled to release around October – November.

There is another project, ‘Jehnnaam‘, which he announced last year but the cast and other details haven’t been revealed yet.

The Issue

According to IMDb Abu Aleeha has all the above films in the pipeline, but no one really knows about their fate. However, the well-researched facts say that the delay is primarily because of the pandemic. While the COVID-19 pandemic and its rules still loom, the films will hit cinemas once the restrictions are lifted.

Final Word

The viewers are waiting for the time when he makes an announcement for either his films to release or his next enticing project. Having said that, it would be interesting to witness his craft that offers different genres and that, too, are made on a limited budget.  



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