Farhan Saeed And Sana Javed Pair Up For HUM TV’s ‘Kaala Doriya’

Kaala Doriya

Farhan Saeed was last seen in the drama ‘Prem Gali’, which ended early this year. He is now set to return to television with the supremely talented Sana Javed, whose last drama was ‘Dunk’.

The pair will be seen together for the first time in HUM TV’s upcoming drama ‘Kaala Doriya’. Penned by ‘Suno Chanda’ and ‘Ishq Jalebi’ writer Saima Akram Chaudhry, helmed by ‘Deedan’s’ director Amin Iqbal and produced by Momina Duraid.

Farhan Saeed has previously worked on Saima Akram Chaudhry’s script for the popular drama ‘Suno Chanda 2’ back in 2019, with viewers and critics raving about his performance.

Details Of The Show

In an exclusive interview with Galaxy Lollywood, Amin Iqbal revealed interesting details about the upcoming project. He said: “It’s a beautiful family play, full of emotions, penned by the famous and seasoned writer Saima Akram. ‘Kaala Doriya’ is like a baby for her. She has a style of writing, though this is different from what she has written before.”

He added: “I am extremely excited to work with Farhan and Sana. This is the first time I’ll be working with them.”  He is also looking forward to creating this project with HUM TV and hopes for it to be another success. Amin Iqbal has previously directed 2015’s drama ‘Maan’ for HUM TV and he will also be helming another much-anticipated HUM TV drama ‘Ishq e Laa’, starring Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi and Azaan Sami Khan.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting to see Farhan Saeed and Sana Javed’s chemistry on-screen. The news has already created a buzz on social media. The shooting will begin soon. Stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood for more updates.


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