Cola Next Levels Up With Esra Bilgic In An Empowering Campaign

Cola Next has consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to extraordinary campaigns, and it is back to deliver with a TVC that is all sorts of breathtaking, starring the inimitable and unbelievably gorgeous, Esra Bilgic.

One quick look at the TVC highlights how Cola Next is evidently celebrating women, creating an aura of empowerment in the process. Esra Bilgic is fierce and daunting as she intensely immerses herself in action sequences, radiating charm and confidence, all while looking absolutely beautiful.

With leveling up being a key motto for Cola Next, the Turkish actress is not only seen performing exhilarating antics – she is also fearlessly bold, and uninhibited – a remarkably leveled up avatar of the Esra we’ve seen in the beloved Ertugrul.

Perhaps the best part about the Cola Next TVC is when Esra Bilgic speaks in Urdu at the end, encouraging people to level up in their lives with the drink. The color red is a clear-cut motif throughout the advertisement, and makes for an inviting, hard-to-refuse offer, especially when Esra, too, is decked in red time and again.

If one were to ponder over the message the TVC is conveying to Pakistanis, that, too, becomes an excellent point of conversation. Truly, far too many of us spend our lives stuck in a routine of monotony and sameness, and perhaps, this vibrant drink is what we need to jolt ourselves awake and seize the day.

Being an authentic Pakistani brand, Cola Next truly has leveled up the quality of TVCs and set a benchmark, with its unique ideation, and brilliant concept execution.

Bringing Esra Bilgic, the “next level star” on board as the ambassador is truly a stroke of creative genius as well. The beloved Turkish actress not only fits perfectly into the action-packed TVC, but will also be able to impact the decision making power of all those Pakistanis who have already fallen head-over-heels in love with the star.

All in all, Cola Next has hit it out of the park (and box) with this advertisement that elevates the very crux of what Pakistan is, and can offer, to its own people, and the rest of the world.


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