Aaloo Qeema Discussion Makes Saba Qamar Share Marriage Plans

In a recent sit-down with Nida Yasir, Saba Qamar opened up about her alleged marriage plans, albeit briefly, and in a tongue-in-cheek, coy manner. The superstar has accumulated an immense amount of acclaim as an actor, but her personal life has always been speculated over, given there is a limited amount of detail pertaining to it.

Saba Qamar And Aaloo Qeema

Who would have thought that aaloo qeema would catapult a conversation towards marriage plans? That’s right – the actor shared how she wanted to learn how to make aaloo qeema, and Nida Yasir was quick to follow-up up with, “Kis ke liye aaloo qeema seekhna hai?”

The Reveal

To this, Saba Qamar seems to feign a shy look, eyes downcast, and Nida Yasir jokingly states that the crew is laughing as well, given they’re the viewers. Saba responds by suggesting that it is the crew who promoted the question, to begin with, and reveals that there is, in fact, someone, and she will reveal everything in due time.

When, Though?

When Nida Yasir asks when that due time will arrive, when people will get to see Saba Qamar’s hands laden with henna, the star responded with, “Soon, InshAllah.” When Nida Yasir continues with her line of questioning, the Ghabrana Nahi Hai star hides her face in her dupatta shyly, stating that she’s feeling embarrassed.

The Function

Saba Qamar also goes onto state that while every woman does hope to get married, her news might make waves soon enough. She leaves people guessing, and even teases audiences and the host by saying that she might just have the event done secretly, and announce the news in a post.

Viral Wedding

When probed further, she reveals that she does not want to invite too many people, and only wants those closest to her in attendance, picturing an intimate wedding setup. However, publicity was definitely on the actor’s mind, as she jokes that she would invite members of the media so that the news goes viral.

Our Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Saba Qamar is one the most talented stars of whom Pakistan can boast. While marriage is not the epitome of success, nor a definitive marker of happiness, it would be safe to state that Pakistanis would rejoice, and be elated for Saba Qamar when she ties the knot and sails into the sunset with this apparent mystery man.


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