Atif Aslam Talks About His Experience In India

Atif Aslam
Atif Aslam

Superstar Atif Aslam is applauded for his legendary music by many around the globe. His music is a phenomenon which has created waves in many countries over the years, especially Pakistan and India. Even though he began his career in Pakistan, creating music for India gave him a different hype. He is widely recognised for his several hit songs such as ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’, ‘Tera Hone Laga Hoon’, ‘Tu Jaane Na’ and many others. He has no doubt taken Pakistani pop music to a completely new level. 

Experience in India

The singer spoke about his experience in India in the recent episode of ‘Super Over with Ahmed Ali Butt’. He proclaimed his experience as enjoyable, saying: “I had fun working there and representing my country.”

He further added: “To this day, there is some sort of acknowledgement about my work in India on Twitter or an artist from there puts up a status”, to which the host Ahmed Ali Butt added that Arijit Singh also appreciation Atif’s work in his concert. Atif agreed and said: “He really likes my music and I have heard that he also sings some of my songs on stage.”

Atif also spoke up about Indian singer Palash Sen’s tweet in which he said: “According to me, the one singer-musician who has made the maximum impact on Bollywood’s music and most singers over the last 15 years, is this man. The awesome Atif Aslam. I say this with a lot of humility.”

The host further asked Atif how Bollywood has contributed to making him and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan megastars, to which the singer replied that he would first credit it to Pakistan since his album was first released in Pakistan and became a hit, after which Indian producer Mahesh Butt called him to work in India. He added: “Of course, they have a bigger reach. They marketed it really well. For instance, if someone’s hearing my music in Fiji then it’ll be because of Bollywood because they have a bigger reach.” 

Rift with Asha Bhosle

Towards the end of the episode, Ahmed Ali Butt questioned ‘Woh Lamhe’ singer about his dispute with legendary singer Asha Bhosle, to which the artist replied: “I had a rift with her in the start because of the show which we were part of. It was not a very friendly relationship and it went on, for some time. However, her daughter was my fan which is why she called me and told me that my daughter asked me why I have issues with such a handsome man and that if she likes him can’t I like him as well? After that statement, I have forgotten everything and forgive you for everything you said, it was so big of her that it won my heart.”

Replying to the question asked by the host if the rifts were scripted or real, Atif Aslam revealed that all of it was real and that the show had to stop recording in between for four to five hours due to these issues. However, they would continue recording after many requests of the producers and directors.


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