Here’s Everything We Know About ‘The Ultimate Muqabla’

The Ultimate Muqabla
The Ultimate Muqabla

Adventure reality shows are a staple and enjoyed by several around the world. This might be due to the viewer’s fascination with the group of people who challenge themselves with tough physical and mental tasks and survive in harsh conditions. Also, it gives the joy of seeing amusing outdoors from the comfort of your home.  

The television industry of Pakistan has attempted this genre earlier with shows like ‘Madventures’ (2013 – 2015), ‘Challenger’ (2013) and Kids Reality Show ‘Summer Challenge Camp’ (2009). Unfortunately, none of them turned out to be a clean hit. Of late, ARY Digital has been experimenting with reality shows. ‘Tamasha’ being the recent big success. Now, the channel is all set to launch the biggest celebrity-packed reality game show in the history of Pakistan television ‘The Ultimate Muqabla’. Here are all the deets.  

The Host

‘The Ultimate Muqabla’ is hosted by cricketer Shoaib Malik. The action game show will see the host and contestants in Thailand performing various adventurous tasks. The teaser featuring Shoaib looks super fiery and promises to be a roller coaster ride full of fun, fear and thrill. As TV provides an opportunity to connect with the masses, it would be interesting to see how Shoaib manages to engage the viewers in an all-new avatar.

The Participants

The show brings a group of individuals from the world of television, sports and fitness, who come together and face their fears. Azam Khan, Farah Butt, Faiza Khan, Mariyam Nafees, Nusrat Hidayatullah, Mahrunisa Iqbal, Neha Khan, Seher Afzal, Imad Wasim, Saeed Ajmal, Kamran Akmal, Fawad Alam, Haroon Shahid and Hammad Farooqi will share the unanimous goal to survive by any mean possible.

The Format

Shoaib Malik in an interview revealed: The participants will be divided into multiple teams. Each team will be made to do gruelling tasks, and water games and overcome hurdles. It will be a litmus test of endurance and tenacity to fight for the top spot. The winner of the show will be a team and not any particular individual.”       

What to Expect?

So far of what we have seen in the teasers, ‘The Ultimate Muqabla’ looks grand with high production value, adventure and action.  Let’s see if the makers will register yet another hit show under their belt.  ‘The Ultimate Muqabla’ starts next week on ARY Digital.


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