Exclusive: Saba Qamar, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ainy Jaffri & Shayan Khan To Star In ‘Mandi’

Saba, Mikaal, Ainy, Shayan
Saba, Mikaal, Ainy, Shayan

There has been a surge in digital content over the past few years, with big names in the entertainment industry producing innovative content on OTT platforms. It seems like Saba Qamar has fully jumped on the bandwagon, with back-to-back web series. She was part of two digital shows this year, UrduFlix’s ‘Naina Ki Sharafat’ and ‘Mrs & Mr Shameem’ on the Indian video streaming platform Zee5. Another project is set to be added to her slate with the upcoming web series ‘Mandi’. 

A few days back pictures from the sets of the web series circulated on social media, which showed Saba shooting with Mikaal Zulfiqar, who is on a roll this year after starring in several shows and upcoming movies. It’ll be interesting to see the ‘Sangat’ duo together after working on multiple projects, including the ongoing drama ‘Fraud’. Joining them are Ainy Jaffri and Shayan Khan. Ainy will be seen on screen for the first time since 2018, whereas Shayan will be seen in the upcoming much-awaited movie ‘Money Back Guarantee’, which he has also co-produced. Mikaal and Shayan’s camaraderie is well-known through their numerous projects together, including ‘Na Band Na Baraati’. It’ll be exhilarating to see all four talented actors working together. 

‘Mandi’ is currently being shot in various locations in Lahore and it has a political theme. It is directed by ‘Mor Moharan’’s Owais Khan. The platform is yet to be announced. Is Pakistan about to get its own ‘House of Cards’?


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