Meesha Shafi Admits to Distorting Facts in Harassment Case

Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar

Singer Meesha Shafi, who accused Ali Zafar of sexually harassing her in a jamming session, has admitted to lying to the media and courts. The latest admission was made during a session of her defamation case in a Lahore Court on Monday.

In their most recent court session, Meesha Shafi was caught lying in a series of incidents during the proceedings. Questions regarding a picture on Meesha Shafi’s official Facebook page were asked by Ali Zafar’s lawyers. The picture features a beaming Meesha Shafi striking a pose with Ali Zafar on the night of the alleged harassment.

What Happened?

Meesha Shafi had previously claimed she was harassed before taking the said picture during a party. Despite her initial claims, Shafi shared the photo on her social media on the same night, with the caption “tonight we party.”

When questioned, she admitted that the image was authentic but claimed that the caption was not hers. She was then confronted with her own Facebook page, where the picture was shared, which led to her confession that she was wrong.

Not only this, Meesha Shafi also previously claimed on media that the court had never summoned her. When discussions related to her assertions were brought up, Meesha admitted she had made a dishonest assertion. She agreed to receiving all court summons.  

The pathological trend of lying in front of both court and media brings multiple questions regarding Meesha’s integrity and honesty to the fore. All such evidences will play an integral role in reaching a conclusion to this 5-year-old long court case.

Barrister Ambreen Qureshi shared an update on the case and posted legal documents on her twitter feed.

Lawyer Umer Tariq Gill also shared narratives from the court on twitter.

History of the Harassment Case

In April 2018, Meesha Shafi accused Zafar of sexual harassment on social media, claiming that he had made unwanted moves towards her while they were at a jamming session. Zafar refuted the claims and sued Shafi for defamation, which is still pending in the courts. The matter has gone through a lot of media attention and has generated a lot of public discussion.

After multiple hearings in the matter, the court dismissed Shafi’s defamation claim. The court declared that Shafi had not offered any verifiable proof of an employer-employee relationship.

Where Do Fans Stand?

In December 2020, a sessions court in Lahore dismissed Shafi’s case against Zafar, citing insufficient evidence. Shafi has since appealed the decision in the Lahore High Court.

While many people did initially support Meesha Shafi for her bold stance, the support has dwindled down due to the loopholes in her case. We hope and pray that justice is delivered in a timely manner.


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