Here’s Why Tere Bin OST And Episodes Have Been Removed From YouTube

Tere Bin copyright claim

Plagiarism is back in the news yet again. Pakistani and Indian entertainment industries, despite the annoyance of some, often cater to similar tastes. This can lead to a lot of similar content being produced from both sides of the border.

Just last week we discussed similar allegations put forth by Farasat Anees. He claimed that his song ‘BIBA’ has been plagiarized by T-Series. This time however, the argument comes from across the border.

Zee Music, a famous Indian music company, has filed copyright claims against Geo Entertainment’s drama serial Tere Bin OST.

What Happened

Tere Bin is one of Geo Entertainment’s latest hits. The drama serial, starring fan favorites Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali in the lead roles, has been a huge success for the channel. It has garnered amazing television ratings and has trended online for every episode.

The OST itself was also a huge hit. The song was a success on every major platform, getting 15 million views just on YouTube alone.

The song, however, has now been removed from YouTube, including a few of the episodes as well. The text reads that it was done due to a copyright claim from Zee Music Company.

No official statement has been made by Zee Music yet. Apparently, the composition in the OST seems to be a copy of the chorus section of ‘Mera Intkam Dekhegi’ from the film ‘Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.

Audience Reaction

Some people did point out the similarities between the two songs, but the response has been overwhelmingly in the Pakistani serial’s defense. The comments section on Zee Music’s video are now flooded with ‘#JusticeForTereBin.

Fans are enraged, calling it an injustice. Some claimed the reason was jealousy since the OST and serial were performing well in India on YouTube. The latest episode also got removed from the platform, sending fans in a frenzy.

This seems hopeful as it may sway Zee Music into rescinding their claims if the backlash keeps going strong.

Copyright Claims

Copyright claims have been a serious issue on YouTube for some time. The rules can be manipulated and have resulted in harming the careers of several independent content creators. Big corporations and studios have much more power in these situations. A simple copyright claim can have the video in question removed from the platform.

Zee Music is one of India’s biggest music companies, holding a lot of sway and power on such platforms. While Geo Entertainment isn’t a small name in the slightest, going up against Zee Music may be an uphill battle. Music labels like Zee are notorious for being stringent with the rules and liberal with sending copyright strikes and having videos taken down.

A copyright strike does not really mean curtains for Terey Bin’s OST yet. Geo Entertainment can also make a formal appeal against this claim and have their videos restored. So, the jury is still out on this case.

As of now Geo has refused to give any official statement. So, we have yet to see how they will handle this situation. We here at Galaxy Lollywood will be following this situation very closely and will keep you updated.


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