What Was Malala Doing at The Oscars?

Malala at the Oscars

Ever since Malala’s walked the red carpet at the 95th Academy Awards, her iconic dress and empowering presence have become the talk of the town, with the whole world appreciating her presence. However, like always, Pakistanis are having a tough time acknowledging Malala’s success. Social media is rife with Pakistani netizens, questioning her presence, with few even making personal attacks. A few even asked what was Malala doing at the Oscars?

And we’ll be honest; it was a sorry sight!

Although most choose to ignore Malala’s success and her achievements willfully, Pakistanis must understand why Malala was invited to the prestigious occasion and what’s her contribution to the film scene.

What Was Malala Doing at the Oscars?

In 2022, Malala stepped into movie production by launching her production house called “Extracurricular”. She has produced films like Joyland under the banner and is roped in for more exciting ventures with Apple TV.

Her production, a heartfelt documentary about how interactions with a Muslim family transforms a racist planning to attack a local mosque, called “Stranger at the Gates” was nominated by The Academy for the best short documentary film feature.

Although the documentary did not win any awards, Malala and her team should be incredibly proud for telling stories that unite the world.

Malala’s Message

Malala’s message about the importance of education for girls and women resonates far beyond Pakistan. It is a message that is relevant to girls and women all over the world, including in developed countries where gender inequality still exists. By advocating for girls’ education and women’s rights, Malala is not only promoting change in Pakistan but also inspiring change worldwide.

Pakistanis should be proud of Malala’s achievements and recognise her as an icon for Muslim and Pakistani women. Instead of criticizing her, they should support her in promoting education and women’s rights. By doing so, they can help build a better future for all Pakistanis, regardless of gender, age, and demographics.


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