Qalandar Finishes on a High Note Despite Being Just Another Love Story

Qalandar Success

As men and women across the country enjoy Eid vacations, last night was a solemn affair, pretty much due to the calamity caused by Qalandar’s last episode. Geo TV’s Qalandar gave a thoughtful lesson on ‘you’ll reap what you’ll sow’, and took a deep dive into family problems and how to solve them.

Despite the fact that Geo TV’s recent release Qalandar may appear to be “just another love story”, the drama was a constant feature in the top 5 weekly dramas with the highest TRPs week after week. One cannot help but wonder: why exactly is this Komal Meer-starrer such a hit that the drama tops TRP charts every week?

Qalandar has some Amusing Village scenes

The village culture shown from the get-go is enough to grab anyone’s attention, and the lovely greenery scenes from the field, especially where all the characters gathered to offer namaz and ask Allah for his mercy, mesmerize the viewers.

On-Screen Chemistry

The viewers were waiting for Tabraiz’s decision on whether he will go back to Dur-e-Adan or choose Sumbul for the sake of wealth, but now, it seems like Dur-e-Adan has already won the game as Tabraiz is regretting his decision.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this drama is the star cast. The chemistry between Muneeb Butt and Komal Meer is being praised, as the cute moments between Tabraiz and Dur-e-Adan uplift the entire show. Comments on YouTube also give us insight into their popularity, as the pair is also seen in Geo TV’s ‘Tere Aane Se’.

The Affable Heroine

Let’s discuss Dur-e-Adan – a superwoman – who does all the house chores without frowning, and most-importantly has all her prayers answered by God – winning her the title Qalandar for this very quality.

Retrospectively, there is another example of Geo Tv’s ‘Fasiq’, in which Sehar Khan’s character Fatima garnered great praise and love. So much so that in one of her interviews, Sehar mentioned that viewers had started praying after seeing Fatima. It can be inferred from this that our viewers like simple and virtuous characters, and Dur-e-Adan is the perfect one!

Powerful Soundtrack in Qalandar

In the end, it would be a futile discussion If we don’t talk about the soundtrack. The OST of Qalandar is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who has previously done a great job for many hit dramas including Khuda Aur Mohabbat. The music and lyrics of the song reflect the storyline, but Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s euphonious voice makes you listen to it on a loop.

Besides these aspects, the traditional trope of family problems, in-laws’ issues, cousin’s marriage, and the compulsion to be rich, make this story quite relatable to many audiences. As audiences clap and praise the last episode we also realize that relatable family drama is what our audiences want, and this is what they got through Geo TV’s Qalandar.


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