Bandish Season 2 Starts From Where It Left With Chilling First Episode

Bandish Season 2 cast

The arrival of Bandish Season 2 piqued the interest of spectators. When Bandish first aired in 2019, audiences were hooked from the get-go due to its titillating story, star cast, and spot-on direction.

However, the success of the first season was earned. Initially, people were very disappointed in the show and referred to it as a “comedy-drama” because of the completely different storyline and new take on horror stories.

Luckily enough, this doesn’t seem to be happening in Bandish 2. The first episode of Bandish 2 aired on Friday night and has already received almost a million views on YouTube with positive feedback from viewers.

So, what do we think about the episode?

Beware: Spoilers ahead!

The Execution and Storyline

Bandish, the series known for the storyline of black magic, jealousy, and greed, gives the viewer a clear introduction to the plot.

The audience have discovered from the very first episode that the elder brother Kamran separated the younger brother Furqan due to a property dispute. While both the brothers are now dead, Furqan’s wife — Khalida — is attempting to reclaim her share from her sister-in-law Sumaira and seeks help from a magician.

In season one, the story was opened just before the climax, but this time the backstory of the enchantress has been opened in the very first episode. We can’t help but wonder, if the revelation had come a little later, wouldn’t the story have become more interesting?

Where the relationship between sister in laws has deteriorated in the very first episode when Khalida asked for Minahil (Sumaira’s daughter) proposal for his son Arman.

However, despite Manahil and Ahmer’s eight-year love affair, their families’ previous interaction has not been favorable.

Humira’s husband and Ahmer’s father Jamal, resists the interaction between both families, it seems difficult to convince him to make a new bond. However, Humaira and Sumaira’s relationship is still unclear, viewers are confused that they are sisters or neighbours. It’s a bit off!

The Feeling of Horror is Palpable

In terms of directing and production value, the promo sufficiently wowed spectators. The previous season’s horror soundtrack, ominous lighting, Amna Ilyas’ terrified expression, and a glimpse of the possession scene in the promo all contributed to the audience’s high expectations for the production quality and direction.

The old house and the cobwebs shown in the first episode succeeded in evoking a sense of terror.

The director deserves appreciation for establishing that the house is messy but the garden is well maintained — in effect implying that a facade has been created.

Aabis Raza – who previously directed Bandish season 1 — was lauded for his spectacular direction and we hope this time around he lives up to the audience’s expectations as well, because filming scary moments and making them come real is no piece of cake.

Will Bandish Season 2 Recreate the Perfect Paranormal Experience?

Affan Waheed plays Sameer and judging by the comments on YouTube, his admirers are overjoyed to see him; meanwhile Aamna Ilyas plays the role of Vaniya — Affan’s wife.

However, their daughter Hoorain, is depicted to be possessed in the promo; watching how the young star performs in these scenes is undoubtedly a struggle for the director as well.

If the first episode is anything to go by, viewers are in for a thrilling ride through haunted houses and black magic. We at Galaxy Lollywood will keep an eye on the serial and keep viewers updated.


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