Murtasim, Meerab, or Haya: Who’s the Most Toxic Character in Tere Bin?

Post an immensely successful run of 46 episodes, Tere Bin is heading toward a much anticipated conclusion. However, fans all over the world are still not settled with the uneasy circumstances of the couple they have been shipping for months.

One of the toughest hurdles in the way of Meerab and Murtasim’s happily ever after, as we all are aware of is the desperate Haya. Viewers took a sigh of relief when the story had turned surprisingly, and they sent her to the village.

Soon she returned and so had the bad times. In the latest episode, Haya is seen crossing all her limits while Meerab and Murtasim made some weird moves and viewers are infuriated over them.

Has Haya Crossed All Her Limits in Tere Bin?

Geo Entertainment’s Tere Bin is currently projecting the lowest phase for the lead pair as Murtasim and Meerab are separated and as per the teasing hints, they won’t be able to get together. However, we know that the show must have a happy ending, which is the only way to justify the massive hype of it.

As much disturbing as the current track, the latest episode shows another unpleasant sight when Haya hugs Murtasim from the back while he assumes her to be Meerab, who observes the scene silently standing at the side.

This has definitely enraged the viewers who want a better conclusion for Meerasim more than a justified end to Haya.

The episode has clearly suggested that the misunderstandings are not going to get settled between the two in the upcoming episodes which itself is quite depressing for the die-hard fans.

Murtasim, Haya, or Meerab: Whose Actions Are Worst?

Last night’s episode had us constantly comparing the central characters in terms of whose actions are worst. Haya hugging Murtasim from the back, Meerab slapping him, and then Murtasim apparently assaulting Meerab and leaving her crying; all three characters have dipped their hands in dirt.

All of this seems to be a rather nonsensical approach for executing a tragic sequence.
Giving creative liberty to these characters, we might want to assume that their intricate circumstances lead them to performing such weird actions.

However, provided that a lot of the misunderstanding drama could have been executed in a much better manner makes the sequence even harder to digest.

Such a writing shows how spineless these characters are portrayed to be, who have no brain of their own to decipher situations according to their own traits. Turns out, they end up contradicting their own personalities.

What do you think about the ongoing track of Tere Bin? Share your thoughts and suggest a suitable ending in the comments below.


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