Unexpected Marital Rape Scene in Tere Bin Hits a Nerve with Audience

Marital Rape Scene in Tere Bin

Needless to say, drama serial Tere Bin has left a mark on its audience due to its grand production, captivating storyline, and above all due to the chemistry shared on-screen by Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi. The excellent story has the audience swooning over every scene in the drama. However, much to the dismay of the audience, the drama took an unforeseen but rather absurd turn when in the promo of episode number forty-seven, the character of Murtasim (Wahaj Ali) potentially rapes his wife, sparking a heated conversation by critics and audience alike. The marital rape scene in Tere Bin has left many shocked and confused.

The Marital Rape Scene in Tere Bin is Contrary to Its Fame

The inclusion of the unexpected plot of marital rape in the drama has to a large extent dismantled the foundation on which the fame of Tere Bin rested, rupturing the impact of the drama and creating a feeling of uneasiness among the viewers. While the audience hopes and prays that the narrative is not directed towards domestic violence, it is imperative to acknowledge that the trust of the viewers has been compromised.

The entire plot is put to question making us wonder about not only the decision of the production house but also of the actors who decided to go ahead with the script.

Murtasim’s Sudden Shift in Tere Bin

The Nation’s crush, probably the most beloved character on Pakistani television, and to some extent a flawless human being, the character of Murtasim evolved from a feudal lord who falls in love with his wife and becomes a forgiving, kind man and in the process won the hearts of millions of viewers around the globe.

The one-eighty-degree shift in his character in the latest episode is not only irrational and groundless, but it provokes the sensitivities of many viewers. Had the character been depicted as grey, or morally corrupt, or one who was trying to fight an inner battle with himself trying to do good, a lapse in his character might have made more sense.

The Perfect Husband Goes Rogue

The argument that strikes the debate that Murtasim never changed; from the time when he slapped Meerab before their marriage to the present day seems a bit flawed. The character essayed no signs of a relapse and instead was the perfect husband that ticked all the boxes of a girl’s fantasy.

While the audience might forgive Murtasim, given the circumstances, the makers of the drama, rightfully so, might not get this forgiveness. Firstly, there was no trigger warning or disclaimer in the starting of the episode or no warning of viewer’s discretion. Even hints of such sensitive scenes can be disturbing for some viewers.

If the audience has only been misled due to the mere reason of sensationalism and commercialism, was it worth it? The drama has already been topping the charts and has been breaking records since it has aired, yet to add the element of suspense, just for views, at the expense of such a sensitive topic seems unwise.

While creative freedom plays a significant role when it comes to dramas and films, the addition of such plots only ignites controversies and brings down the audience’s trust in the makers.

Why the Marital Rape Scene in Tere Bin is Different from Other Dramas?

This will not be the first time that a Pakistani drama adds the plot of marital rape in the script, then why is Tere Bin being treated differently?

Over the years we have seen the discussion on marital rape stemming from Pakistani dramas such as in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and then Qissa Meherbano Ka.

While in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Bhola, is a mentally unstable guy who has been misled and provoked by his friends which leads to him raping his wife, in Qisa Meherbano Ka the character Murad, who sexually assaults his wife, is shown to be outright evil, with no moral compass. But in the world of Tere Bin, Murtasim is neither instable nor mentally corrupt.  

The bottom line is that there is no harm in portraying a grey or evil character if they are portrayed as such. Murtasim is essayed as a hero and there is the likelihood of him being resolved of this crime in the drama. This leads to normalizing such crimes and desensitizing the public.


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