Trailer of Pakistan’s Latest New Political Comedy ‘V.I.P’ Leaves Us in Tickles!

VIP Trailer cover

The trailer for the upcoming Pakistani film V.I.P has just been released and despite warnings of the contrary we can’t help judge this book by its cover!

If trailers are anything to go by, this movie promises to be a complete bundle for enjoyment.

Blended Storyline Shown in V.I.P Trailer

The two minutes and six second trailer gives viewers a glimpse of the plot and we have it for you!

The trailer begins with Malik, a gangster played by Ehteshamuddin, who needs a survival strategy after the change in government. Saleem Mairaj (who is that?) proposes the idea of planting an ordinary man, influencing the elections to make him win, and then electing him mayor so that he can safeguard the wrongdoers.

Cue the “hero” — an ordinary man, who aims to be a barra aadmi [big man]. And then things seemingly fall apart for him and the gangsters. We can’t help but be intrigued.

The trailer introduces us to a few fresh faces; the leading characters are played by Zakaria Khan and Namra Shahid. Even the few glimpses of their dialogues — fleeting as they were — had has curious to see their on-screen chemistry. If only there were a few more shots of the jodi!

Good Prospects for V.I.P

Judging by his previous work Rana Kamran has a great eye for the camera, Na Maloom Afraad, Load Wedding and Quaid e Azam Zindabad are some of his finest works.

This time Kamran is making his directorial debut with new faces and the teaser immediately gave us Bollywood overtones, especially at one moment – where a hero makes his appearance on a Chaarpayi – well who doesn’t enjoy dance performances?

At first glance, the costumes and sets look appealing, yet viewing the same location in a television drama and a movie completely alters the atmosphere!

A Funny Bone Mayor in V.I.P Trailer!

The Mayor who appears in the teaser cherishes the perks of holding public office; the character portraying that he is endearing, witty, and an entertaining man. However, it felt strange to enter the government premises while wearing a white Kurta pajama with a yellow flower garland.

The V.I.P trailer looks promising and entertaining, however, experimenting with a new star cast is a risky business in our industry, we wish the makers and actors all the very best for their new venture!


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