Is Ali Zafar a Better Singer or Actor?

Ali Zafar

In a recent interview, the multi-talented artist Ali Zafar made a surprising revelation about his career preferences. Known for his exceptional abilities as both a singer and an actor, Zafar expressed his inclination towards being recognized primarily as a singer rather than an actor.

In a tell-tale interview with Jang’s editorial, the versatile artist Ali Zafar shed light on his career preferences and delved into various other pertinent topics.

Ali Zafar is a Better Singer Over Actor

Ali Zafar’s last on-screen appearance in the 2018 film Teefa in Trouble marked a memorable chapter in his career. However, since then, the acclaimed actor and singer has noticeably taken a break from the film industry, leaving his fans eagerly awaiting his return to the big screen. Despite his successful foray into Bollywood, where he shared the screen with renowned stars like Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, and Ranveer Singh, his extended hiatus suggests a deliberate focus on other aspects of his artistic journey.

During this period, Ali Zafar released many chart-busting singles. Tracks such as “Larsha Pekhawar” and “Laila” showcased his musical prowess and reaffirmed his status as a versatile artist. However, since 2018, his long break from the film screen has meant that public views him as a singer over an actor. And Ali Zafar likes singing more than acting.  

The Pakistani Film Scene

The talented artist highlighted the difficulties inherent in creating films that meet international standards and resonate with local and global audiences.

Zafar’s insights shed light on the complex dynamics that filmmakers in Pakistan contend with, including limited budgets, a lack of advanced infrastructure, and a dearth of experienced professionals in various aspects of filmmaking. He emphasized the need for comprehensive support systems and investments to overcome these obstacles and elevate the quality of Pakistani cinema.

Moreover, Ali Zafar acknowledged the importance of engaging talented individuals with the technical expertise and creative vision necessary to craft compelling narratives and deliver exceptional cinematic experiences. He stressed the significance of collaboration and cultivating a nurturing environment that encourages innovative storytelling and fosters the growth of aspiring filmmakers.

Advice for Younger Fans, and Priorities

During the insightful interview with the editorial, Ali Zafar not only discussed his career and the challenges faced by the film industry but also shared a heartfelt sentiment about his family. The multi-talented artist expressed his deep love and prioritization of his children, underscoring the importance of family bonds in his life.

Zafar’s emphasis on family values and the significance of spending quality time with loved ones resonated strongly with the readers. He went on to offer advice to young children, urging them to step away from the allure of social media and devote more time to reading books. His message highlighted the importance of intellectual nourishment and the benefits of exploring the world of literature.

By encouraging children to engage with books, Ali Zafar demonstrated his belief in the power of knowledge and the value of developing one’s mind. In an era dominated by digital distractions, his call to prioritize reading is a gentle reminder of the joy and enrichment found within a book’s pages.

Zafar’s words carry weight as he serves as a role model for young individuals and as a parent who recognizes the importance of guiding children toward meaningful activities that foster personal growth and development. By advocating for a balanced approach to technology and emphasizing the enduring value of books, he encourages the younger generation to embrace a more enriching and intellectually stimulating lifestyle.


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