“Anti-State” Activities Get TV Ratings Agency Media Logic Banned

Media Logic Banned

The Ministry of Interior issued a notification on Tuesday announcing a ban on TV ratings agency Media Logic and all its operations.

The company has been operational since 2007 and has been a major TV ratings provider. Let’s discuss what this potentially means for the company and the media landscape.

Why Is Media Logic Banned?  

Although the Ministry hasn’t made any explicit claims against the agency, the severity is made evident by how seriously the administration is handling this matter.

The agency is currently under fire and investigation. The Ministry cited the company’s alleged involvement in illegal activities that raised concerns regarding national security. This ban has been put in place to protect the sanctity and stability of the media landscape in the country.

The notification was sent out to all appropriate institutions, halting any future transactions or operations with the agency. This ban is a major setback for the company and tarnishes any future prospects.

The Seriousness of the Matter

The noted media rating agency remained in the news for quite some time for its alleged role in manipulating ratings and evaluations of mainstream TV channels. The TV rating companies and the TRPs that they report are crucial since these numbers are the basis on which advertisers choose which channels to sponsor.

These numbers coming into question could hurt the entire market and may sour channels’ relationships with brands. It is uncertain if the company will pursue the legal route to combat these claims. No Media Logic official has issued any statements yet.


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