Ehraam e Junoon: Neelam Muneer’s Shanzay is Ruling Hearts

Neelam Muneer in Ehraam e Junoon

Weaving together multiple emotions, Ehraam e Junoon is immersing audience on many fronts. While fans adore the chemistry between Shanzay and Shayan, Neelam Muneer truly is out there winning hearts!

Shanzay, played by Neelam Muneer, has already won over audiences with her innocence, beauty, and sweet gestures, and why shouldn’t she? Despite being a wealthy lady, Shanzay is taking adorable baby steps to win over Shayan – played by Imran Abbas. Shanzay’s desolation and admiration for Shayan shows on her face and we can’t have enough of her in the serial.

The Iconic Bike Scene in Ehraam e Junoon is Adorable

While the first two episodes successfully disclosed the plot, the third episode came up with an uber-cute moment that entertained the audience to no ends. Shanzay develops a plan to get to Shayan and quit bothering him with phone calls for the sake of Pizza.

She devises an idea to take Shayan’s bike in order to spend some time with him. Luckily, the guard outside Shayan’s building makes this possible by being a partner in crime, but that wasn’t all. Instantly, to show her concern and how guilty she is for Shayan’s loss, she buys a fancy bike for him. Although it was a trap to pave a path for friendship, Neelam’s acting was so on-point that viewers couldn’t get enough of it.

Despite the fact that the scenario wasn’t very well executed, our heroine manages to make it engaging via her acting abilities. In the scene, she appears to be guilty, adorable, concerned, and delighted — all in one go! 

Neelam Muneer Shines in Ehraam e Junoon

Furthermore, we have seen her thrilled when Shayan apologises and sends her flowers — leading to another iconic moment where Neelam shines.

She passes a sweet grin to Shayan while wearing a bright dress, carrying a bouquet of flowers — looking like she just walked out of a mid-90s Bollywood movie!

Adorable Yet Classic

Audiences have also lauded Neelam in the two recent episodes, especially when she made Shayan upset during a lunch scene by introducing him to her friend as though the two of them were seeing each other (wink wink).

Faking the whole situation, Neelam’s eye says it all! For a moment, she knows what its like to be with a loving and good-looking guy. Neelam herself looks gorgeous, slaying in a green sequin dope maxi in front of her friend.

However, to our collective dismay, the situation makes Shayan very upset, who then decides to resign from the job he managed to get because of Shanzay.

Shanzay is a devoted lover — ready to bring the moon and stars for her Mr Perfect. However, she is by no means a dimwit, when she notices that Shayan no longer wants to communicate with her, she attempts to solve it as soon as possible and heads to Shayan’s home.

Accepting a Gift from Shayan’s Mom

The recent episode showed an emotional side of Shanzay. Being adaptable while interacting with Shayan’s family – tears come in her eyes when Shayan’s mother says goodbye to her with a gift.

Neelam Muneer’s acting skills are in full display when Shanzay accepts a gift from Shayan’s mom. The otherwise strong Shanzay gets emotional and tears trickle down her supple cheeks. The moment is adorable and Neelam Muneer wins us over with the heavenly portrayal.

Going by YouTube comments, Shanzay is the most enjoyable character of Ehraam-e-Junoon so far and has all the support and empathies of the viewers. Undeniably, the credit goes to Neelam Muneer, who has us all hooked.


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