Here is Why Fat Shaming Asim Azhar is a New Low for Social Media Trolls

Asim Azhar Fat Shaming

Pakistani singer-songwriter Asim Azhar recently captivated audiences with his sensational performance in the United States. He uploaded pictures of his performance on Instagram, and fans were quick to praise his talent and charisma.

However, unsurprisingly some fans were quick to hop on the trolling express by resorting to body shaming, with few comparing him with Adnan Sami.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reception, a section of Asim’s fanbase focused on criticizing his physical appearance, making offensive and personal remarks, with some even involving his family members.

Offensive and deeply personal remarks are an unfortunate yet common feature on all images our celebs upload. And Asim is no stranger to the upsetting remarks the Pakistani troll brigade hurl at him. Asim’s love life has been the interest of local trollers, who have thrown jibes at him and his romantic interests regularly.

The singer cum actor usually chooses not to engage with distasteful remarks, but this time it seemed the singer had no option left other than respond.

Asim Azhar Responds

Asim Azhar, in response to the body-shaming and offensive remarks directed at him, swiftly addressed the situation by shedding light on the choice of his attire during his performance. The talented Pakistani singer-songwriter clarified that he had purposely opted for baggy clothing, which may have created an illusion of being overweight.

By addressing this misconception, Asim aimed to counter the negativity surrounding his appearance and redirect the focus toward his musical talent and the energy he brought to the stage.

While it is understandable that Asim felt compelled to address the comments, there are reasons why ideally, he should not have felt the need to respond to trolls.

Trolls thrive on attention and derive satisfaction from provoking emotional responses. Acknowledging their remarks, even with a well-intentioned clarification, Asim inadvertently gives them the attention they seek, potentially encouraging more trolling behavior in the future.

However, we can understand that constant exposure to hurtful remarks can be mentally draining and may detract from an artist’s ability to focus on their craft.

Asim’s decision to address the trolls may have been a personal choice driven by a desire to clarify misconceptions and promote a more positive narrative. It serves as a reminder that artists are human beings who have the right to defend themselves and assert their individuality when faced with unjust criticism.

A Lesson for the Fans

The incident involving Asim Azhar sheds light on the broader body shaming problem prevalent in Pakistani circles. Even our dramas and movies often use weight-related jokes for comic relief, further perpetuating a culture that normalizes such behavior. This normalization not only affects the individuals being targeted but also sets a harmful precedent for impressionable viewers.

In the contemporary world, where social media plays a significant role in shaping public discourse, fans must exercise sensitivity and empathy towards their favorite stars. While it is natural to have personal preferences, it is crucial to separate subjective opinions from derogatory and hurtful comments. Instead of focusing on superficial aspects, fans should celebrate their favorite artists’ artistic abilities, dedication, and achievements.

As fans, we can shape the narrative surrounding our favorite stars and influence the broader fan culture. We must challenge and reject the notion that body shaming has any place in our interactions or entertainment choices. Let us appreciate and celebrate our favorite artists’ diverse talents and abilities, acknowledging that their worth lies in their skills, dedication, and the joy they bring to our lives.


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