Heartwarming Conversations in Kuch Ankahi Strike a Chord with Viewers

Kuch Ankahi Cast

ARY Digital’s Kuch Ankahi rose to prominence for its star-studded and ensemble cast, apt direction, and its stimulating and refreshing storyline. The latest episode of the drama once again won viewers’ hearts for its subtle messaging with an engaging plot.

Last week’s episode was filled with notable conversations between the characters, leaving the audience with food for thought.

Agha Jaan and Aaliya

The father-daughter duo has been setting goals since the first episode and is not slowing down. Agha Jaan is the epitome of a father figure we need to see in our dramas.

It made our hearts melt with how Agha Jaan unhurriedly heard the explanation of his daughter and composedly explained to her the consequences of such actions, although he was evidently displeased with her coming home late. This set a precedent for other parents who are in a similar situation.

Asfar and Aaliya

While we may not agree with Aaliya going to Asfar’s house unannounced for his birthday, we also can’t disagree with the brilliant execution of that scene and sub-par performances of both the actors.

Aaliya’s efforts to celebrate Asfar’s birthday and Asfar’s reaction are both justified in the scene. Their argument gave a message to the viewers that instead of holding on to the distressing and appalling memories that cause pain, it is better to forgive and move on and focus on the positive.

Sofia and Almas

The conversation between Sofia (Aaliya’s paternal aunt) and Almas (Salman’s mother) warmed our hearts, and we are grateful to the makers for including this narrative. Often, in our society, divorced or widowed women are left in the shackles of the mercy of society and are expected to live a secluded life, deprived of second chances and the desire for a partnership.

However, the shifting of the discussion in the drama towards second chances and the rights of women to marry again is presented adroitly. Almas’s encouragement to Sofia to give life a second chance and seek a partner who will be there for her left us nodding along.

Agha Jaan and Shammoo Begum

The conversations between Agha Jaan and Shammoo Begum (Aaliya’s parents) always remind us of the pure love of two parents with different mindsets in raising their children.

The on-screen pair essayed it aptly well on-screen. Agha Jaan once again became a favourite when he sided with his daughter and supported her when it came to her job. Although Shammoo Begum might have opted for being the bad cop, her care for her daughters doesn’t go unnoticed by the viewers.

Kuch Ankahi has once again been able to establish a narrative of trust and empowerment. We recommend our viewers to give it a watch for the empowering content and fresh narrative.


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