Ushna Shah Turns up the Comedy Quotient in Engaging Episode of Hasna Mana Hai

Ushna Shah in Hasna Mana Hai

Ushna Shah, whom we last saw in ARY Digital’s Habs as Ayesha, is known for her witty replies and spontaneity to keep the audience engaged. Recently, the actress sat down for an interview with Tabish Hashmi and had a fun conversation with the lively host and a cheerful audience.

The actress played couple of games, interacted with the audience, and talked about her marriage to professional golfer Hamza Amin, with whom she got married in February, acting, hit drama serial Tere Bin and much more.

Here is what the actress had to say:

Her First Experience on a Set

Ushna took a trip down the memory lane and recalled her first acting project, which didn’t air. She remembered that a family friend was directing that drama and she signed that project on Facebook, saying that she wanted to be the lead. After coming to Pakistan, from Canada for that project, the actress had to travel to a village near Pakpattan. To her surprise, there was no vanity, and the area had very limited facilities that made it a unique experience for her.

Ushna’s Love for Animals

When a fan asked Ushna about her love for animals, the actress stressed upon the fact that animals are a gift, who are very innocent that give us a lot of love, and that it is our responsibility to protect and care for them.

Ushna Shah’s Qualities to Become an Actor

In another fun interaction with a fan, Ushna was asked about the qualities that an actor should have. She established that one needs to be very patient and have a thick skin because rejection is part of the job. She further added that one should be ready to face failures and handle media scrutiny well, without taking it to heart.

Fan Confesses Love for Tere Bin

Ushna narrated a candid incident when a porter, at an airport, reached out to her and said that he is really enjoying watching the drama serial Tere Bin. The actress said that she is not in the drama though, to which he replied that he knows that, but he is sharing it with her nevertheless.

Ushna’s interaction with Suhail Warraich at an Award show

Ushna Shah mentioned a short and hilarious interaction with journalist Suhail Warraich, who interviewed her at an award show. The actress was wearing a mermaid style gown, about which the journalist inquired about. As they continued their interview, they realized that the mic was not turned on, highlighting the technical problems that unfold at such events.

Ushna’s Marriage

The actress talked about her marriage to the professional golfer Hamza Amin, who lives in Austria. She addressed all the negative comments that she received on her wedding outfit, saying that the traditional red colour, which she chose for her wedding, does represent our culture. The actress said that although a number of brides choose a similar wedding look, she came under public scrutiny, but eventually she got over it.

Being in the limelight can be an intimidating experience. And, Ushna Shah gets to witness it all with online trolls, challenging work experiences, and a lot more. To see that she is pulling through it all with a smile on her face is endearing and pleasant. We wish her all the best for future endeavours and cannot wait to see more of her on screen.


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