Bandish 2 Fails to Impress, As Fans Yearn for Previous Season

Bandish season 1 and 2

The trailer for Bandish 2 piqued the audience’s interest with its enticing possession scenes, spooking vibes and glimpses of Amna Ilyas’s terrific acting, but six episodes into the serial, fans are still waiting to find any real horror that the makers promised in the trailer.

Here’s Galaxy Lollywood’s take on the show so far.

The ‘Horrors’ of Rishta Meetings in Bandish 2

The recently aired episode truly bummed out the audience. Farhana — played by Zainab Qayyum — is going all evil and following the instructions of Alim Sahab to destroy her sister-in-law Sumera’s family.  So, her relationship with the alim made viewers believe that something unusual or spooky was definitely on the cards — especially after the graveyard scene; the only horror we saw was the endless rishta meetings — hardly what the show promised.

Nothing happened in Sumera’s – played by Sania Saeed — house. When Farhana placed the handi (pot) in the graveyard, she herself felt unwell for a night and saw her late husband in a dream, who instructed her to not tell anyone that she can bring him back into this world again.

It just doesn’t make sense! Why would he show up in Farhana’s dream right after she cast a spell on someone else? and WHY didn’t her husband stop her from fulfilling her evil desires?

Hopefully, someone will shed light on this mystery soon.

The Door and the Doll

Way back, in the first episode, when Sumera entered the house, the episode hinted that she knew something. There was a door beside the lounge that she stared at for a few minutes, looking very unsettled.

Then during a Quran Khuwani scene, Vaniya too appeared scared by the same door. But someone needs to tell us what’s behind the door and why all of them are sensing trouble from this very spot!

Currently, the family is in a delirious state. Everyone is seeing strange happenings especially, Minahil and Vaniya, both nand and bhabhi have had this experience but failed to understand what’s going on.

There can be many scary activities against this backdrop of events, and even the doll could have done so much following the black magic spell, but so far, the story is more of a family drama than a thrilling horror.

We can only hope that the magic will take effect soon and we will get chills that we were promised!

Fans are Missing Bandish 1 After Seeing Bandish 2

Judging by the YouTube comments, Galaxy Lollywood isn’t the only one who feels this way. Viewers can’t help but compare this season with the previous one.

There is no doubt that Bandish season 1 hooked the audience from the get-go because of the spooky activities around the house.

The witch Sumbul – played by Farah Shah – was enough to feel the horror because whenever she cast the spell over the family something happened to them.

The audience still remembers how her curse worked to break Junaid’s — played by Sajid Hasan — family. The previous storyline was blended with family issues, tragedies and love stories but black magic was the crux of the show. It certainly didn’t have the back-to-back marriage proposals we are seeing in season 2.

We would just like to remind the makers that while a good slow burner can keep audiences hooked for months — even years — a poorly executed slow burner can just fizzle out!


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