Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri: Saim and Zobia Remind Viewers of Raj and Simran from DDLJ

Saim and Zoobia in MGM

The recently aired episode of Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri was filled with several emotional and heartwarming scenes. The love story between Saim and Zobia — played by Khushhal Khan and Dananeer Mobeen — has progressed to a cheesy romance, despite the fact that Faiqa – Saim’s mother has tried super hard to separate the love birds.

Despite all these hurdles, our Jodi has graced the screen with a classic romance that reminds us of Raj and Simran from Bollywood’s iconic Dil Waalay Dhulaniya le Jain ge (DDLJ), and fans are smitten.

Galaxy Lollywood has highlighted some similarities between the two.

The Rooftop Meetups in Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri

The rooftop has been a popular spot for Saim and Zobia’s meetups from the beginning. Be it a fight scene or a serious confession moment, the couple has been there many times, but the recent episode brought them again together on the very spot despite all the pabandis – demonstrating that love can make its own way.

This very scene gave us full DDLJ vibes, as Raj and Simran also used to meet each other on the rooftop.

It was Rushna’s – Zobia’s sister – mehndi function and our heroine was dancing in a beautiful yellow ghagra with a gorgeous pair of Jhumkas, while Saim who wasn’t supposed to come to Zoobia’s place was staring at her from the corner of his roof, both see each other and exchange gestures, and then Zobia runs off to the rooftop to meet Saim — very much like Raj and Simran.

Here, Saim won over the audience, as he fulfilled his promise and helped Zobia wear bangles. The dialogues here radically improve the seem as Zobia responds to his gestures with child-like bickering: “Tumhain Choorian Pehnana Nahin Atin? Aese Pehnao Jese Bin Roye Main Humayoun Ne Mahira ko Pehnain thin”!

Saim Being Raj in MGM! 

But like with Raj and Simran, any cute moments for Saim and Zobia always come at a cost.

In the very next scene, Zobia rings dinner for Saim, but he surprised and greeted her by lighting lanterns. He places his hands over Zoobia’s eye and reveals a beautiful sight!

Saim’s eyes light up while staring at Zobia – who was impressed by the surprise and looks at the sky.

While both our protagonists — who are very obviously in love — were lost in each other’s eyes and their conversation, Saim’s mother caught them and wiped out their cute moment by immediately calling Daniyal, Zobia’s brother-in-law!

Daniyal – who seemed all but waiting for an opportunity – comes over in minutes and takes Zobia with him, warning Saim to watch his steps or else.

Our heart broken hero, simply asks Daniyal to not be rude with Zobia as he insisted her to meet him.

However, the separation scene reminded us of the train station scene from DDLJ, when Raj was separated from Simran. Poor Simran couldn’t do much except ask her father to let her go with him and finally gets successful to be with the love of her life.

But here, Zobia’s controlling brother-in-law and Saim’s mother are relentlessly creating hurdles for both of them. The cute thing is after all of these circumstances like Raj and Simran, our love birds can’t stop themselves from being in love with each other.

We at Galaxy Lollywood are looking forward to seeing how Saim and Zobia will make their way to each other like Raj and Simran or is there a train scene coming in the climax?


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