Barbie Goes Desi: 12 Pakistani Actresses Who Could Nail the Role of Barbie

Desi Barbies

One must be living inside a rock to be oblivious to the current adulation and obsession with the new Barbie film from people all around the globe. From Hollywood to Lollywood and everything in between, the masses are counting the days before the film’s release on July 21. Starring the household names of Hollywood Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, respectively, the movie cannot get any better.

Amidst all this discussion, we could not help but think close to home and imagine which Pakistani actresses could ace the role of Barbie. Well, we have a list. Scroll down to take a look.

Hania Aamir: The eccentric desi version of Barbie who will allure you with her charm

Who wouldn’t want to see a barbie who speaks her mind, is independent and fierce while radiating elegance? Well, Hania Aamir ticks all these boxes. The actress will be the perfect fit to play the 21st century Barbie as she allures the audience with her charm while standing out in the crowd for her quirkiness.

Ushna Shah: The epitome of beauty that brings life to desi Barbie

She is charming, intelligent, and witty and we can bet that she will essay the role of Barbie perfectly. Ushna Shah has been able to deliver consistently due to her convincing performances and her ability to seamlessly adds her charm to her roles, which we are certain she will do if she goes on to play Barbie.

Iqra Aziz: A captivating vision who would slay the role of desi barbie

Charm and grace come naturally to Iqra Aziz who embodies each role she plays on screen to perfection. The actress has the elegance and demeanor associated with Barbie and we are rooting to see her in a desi version.

Sehar Khan: A charmer stepping into the doll’s world

From Fairytale to the world of Barbie: Sehar Khan is meant to jump from one fantasy world to another. With her effortless performance and her vibrant energy which she brings to the screen, we are certain that the actress will not only essay the role to perfection but will also exhibit strong chemistry with all her co-actors.

Syra Yousuf: A radiant star who exhibits elegance

Garnering massive popularity due to her charm, she is the real-life version of Barbie for many of her fans. Her recent performance in her film Babylicious is an ode to the fact that the actress not only has the screen presence to bring life to such an iconic character but also has the experience and maturity to essay the character in a way that does full justice to the role.

Mahira Khan: The timeless beauty and graceful version of the desi Barbie

Will the list be even complete without her name in it? Mahira Khan garners a massive popularity among the Pakistani audience and her inherent elegance makes her the perfect fit. Her multifaceted characters over the years are a nod to her brilliant acting skills, ranging from innocent and introverted girls to fierce and thought-provoking roles.

Sajal Aly: The embodiment of grace and perfection

She is graceful, elegant, and her radiating smile and expressive eyes are enough to make her stand out in the crowd. Sajal Aly commands and irresistible aura that is hard to forget. Sajal Aly has portrayed many memorable characters over the years and we are sure she will go all out when it comes to playing the desi version of Barbie.

Maya Ali: Glamour and charisma, an exquisite choice for desi Barbie

Who remembers Maya Ali playing the desi version of Cinderella in her drama serial, ‘Aik Nayee Cinderella’? Well, we remember her and we are certain that she can aptly portray the desi version of Barbie as well. Maya Ali commands a strong screen presence and has an impeccable style which can translate to making fashion choice for Barbie.

Dananeer Mobeen: The ‘pawri’ girl, a combination of wit and intelligence

The ‘pawri’ girl has come a long way and she has the right combination of playfulness and maturity to play a role like Barbie. Despite her small pool of work, Dananeer has been able to make her presence felt in the entertainment industry due to her strong command over the craft of acting and we are certain she will go all out with her performance as Barbie.

Kubra Khan: The perfect blend of intelligence and grace

Kubra Khan is a woman with an undeniable grace and indomitable spirit, and it is needless to say that she has all that it takes to portray such an iconic role. Time and again, the actress has always been able to deliver her roles excellently, whether it was a shy girl or one who speaks her mind.

Ayeza Khan: Her graceful demeanor and effortless charm makes her the perfect desi version of Barbie

Over the years Ayeza Khan has retained her charm. Always known to be one of the most stunning actresses of the country, Ayeza is the perfect fit for Barbie. Her vast body of work speaks for itself and she has proven her mantle as an actress repeatedly due to her diverse choice of roles. We are certain she will hit it out of the park as the desi version of Barbie.

Ramsha Khan: The stunning and witty, adding sparks to the magical world of Barbie

Ramsha Khan’s recent performance in Pasoori as part of Eid anthology film Teri Meri Kahaniyaan reaffirms our choice of seeing the actress on-screen as Barbie. She effortlessly plays her characters while adding an unmatchable energy which is difficult to compete with. We are certain that she will add the desi masala to Barbie that will add miles to the already iconic character.

Which of these actresses would you like to see as Barbie? Do share with us.


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