Blended With Emotions: “Shanaas” Captivates Audience in First Episode

Shanaas Episode

The first episode of Green Entertainment’s drama series ‘Shanaas’ aired yesterday. As shown by the posters and teasers, viewers already had insights on Hajra Yamin playing the lead ‘Aneesa’. However, the audience was eager to know that the legendary Sania Saeed along with a great cast would appear in which role this time? Glad, that the wait is over!

Unfair to not praise the production quality!

After watching the first episode, the first thing spectators had to admire was the production quality, which included set design, wardrobe, lighting, make-up, and editing.

However, there’s a minor error in terms of execution, as Shamim Hilaly’s pendant was not visible around her neck again after the opening shots, which she was settling at the beginning. But disregarding these little errors let’s move to the plot!

So, although the storyline is clear from the plot, the first episode does come with its own twist.

Plot and Storyline

SPOILERS, stop if you have already read it so far because we are going to mention some specifics about the event.

The story opens with an engagement ceremony between Aneesa and Ramis – played by Ariz Ahmed. Everything appears to be in order, but owing to an uncertain scenario, Ramis’ parents, Rahila and Amjad calling off the engagement. The plot revolves around a foster daughter, Aneesa – played by Hajra Yamin, who lives an affluent life with her foster parents, Mahrukh – played by Sania Saeed, and Jalal – played by Shahzad Nawaz, whereas Shamim Hilaly is playing a character of a grandmother.

Aneesa belongs to a well-settled and modern family – judging by Jalal and Mahrukh’s initial conversation in the beginning – this could have been explained to the viewers in a better way. Friendly scenes of Aneesa with her parents also depicted a warm relationship between them.

However, bond between Dadi and Aneesa did reflect some animosity, which in fact seemed to keep the audience intrigued for a while, but the suspense and intrigue caused by this fade away shortly.

‘Shanaas’ sheds light on societal behavior too!

The plot has already captivated the audience. Here we have to applaud Sania Saeed, Shahzad Nawaz, and Shamim Hilale for their outstanding performances. Also, Hajra Yamin has beautifully pulled off her character and her few moments with Ariz were on a much lighter tone.

At the end of this episode, Aneesa was shocked to discover the reality of being an adopted child. Of course, there must have been a reason to keep this hidden, but given the haste with which the twist has been brought into the plot ‘too early’, the reason must be compelling.

What’s next for Aneesa in Shanaas?

Anisa’s life will take a turn from now; this fact has come as a shock to her, but we are eager to watch what’s next for Aneesa? and how she reacts to this.

Moreover, to make the story more intense the director blended the last scene with a beautiful OST. Yasra Rizvi deserves applause for such great execution. We cannot wait to see more of the drama and see where the story goes from here.


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