Here is Why Jhoom Was More Than Just a Visual Treat for Viewers

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The last episode for GEO TV’s drama Jhoom concluded on a high note for its fans as they bid farewell to two of their favourite characters, Aryaan and Maryam, who had their happily ever after. The drama topped rating charts and garnered massive popularity.

Jhoom was penned by renowned writer Hashim Nadeem, and directed by Ali Faizan. There is no doubt that Jhoom will go down as a classic representation of signature 7th Sky Entertainment style, due to its grand production and dreamy backdrop, which has been a visual delight for the audience.

Here is Why Jhoom Was More Than Just a Visual Treat for Viewers

Highlighting the issue of age difference between a couple:

Jhoom became the talk of the town following the release of its teasers which promised a larger-than-life narrative that engrossed you entirely in its fictitious realm. The teaser highlighted a sizzling love story between a poised doctor Maryam and a stubborn mechanical engineer Aryaan, played by Zara Noor Abbas and Haroon Kadwani respectively. The drama underlined the societal issue of demurring a relationship between an older woman and a younger guy, which caught the audience’s attention.

The makers didn’t just make this topic a selling point and leave it as it is, but instead did justice by intertwining it aptly in the plot.

Honest conversations about mental health in Jhoom:

Jhoom also won our hearts by diving deep into addressing mental health issues including anger management and depression through Haroon Kadwani’s character Aryaan. Highlighting anger issues in the character, without glorifying them, the makers have placed emphasis on how imperative it is to address them and seek treatment for it to avoid the gloomy consequences that can follow.

Furthermore, showing a character on-screen that has had depression due to his traumatic past is worth applauding, especially when it is handled with such grace. The drama depicts society’s ill-treatment towards a patient with depression and how it makes it hard for those who are on the journey towards recovery. Like Aryaan says in the drama “kabhi aap jeet ker bhi haar jatay hain”-highlighting the turmoil of such individuals.

Wrapping the drama in a smaller number of episodes:

The producers can’t be thanked enough for not dragging the plot and wrapping the story in sixteen episodes. This saved the viewers from the endless pain of flashbacks, repeated running of the OST in the background, and endless filler scenes that by no means add to the narrative.

This sets a precedent for other producers to limit their number of episodes, especially in era where the time span of the viewers is decreasing due to a large variety of availability of content.

The Performances in Jhoom:

The first time pairing of Haroon Kadwani and Zara Noor Abbas had the audience excited. The lead pair successfully lived up to the expectations of the viewers and created a magical chemistry on-screen.

Although Haroon looked every bit of his character, considering this was his debut drama after his breakthrough performance in the telefilm Ruposh, his acting skills aligned with his experience but there is no doubt that there is room for improvement, and he needs to work on his expressions and body language in his future projects.

Zara Noor Abbas looked stunning, and exuded charm and elegance, which was also a demand of her character. However, we did feel at some places that the dialogue delivery was bland and can be worked on in the future.

The supporting cast which included Haris Waheed, Usman Peerzada, Zainab Qayyum, Javed Sheikh, Noreen M Gulwani, Sidra Niazi, Erum Akhtar, and Haroon Shahid among others aptly delivered their performances.

Does Jhoom stand out in the crowd?

While Jhoom did leave an impression on us, it did have an Indian soap vibe to it due to the dramatic shots and ‘too’ immaculate scenes which are far from realism and practicality, hence loosing the essence on which Pakistani dramas are based on. Overall Jhoom is worth watching if you are looking for a entertainment that you can binge watch, and swoon over the chemistry of the lead pair who magically sizzle on-screen.


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