Nauroz Review: A Rapunzel-esque Story with a Shocking Twist


Green Entertainment debuted the first episode of Nauroz on Thursday. Based in the future, the show gives you a blend of dystopian horror with an exciting storyline.

The first episode does feature a shocking reveal, so spoilers ahead!

Shocking Reveal in Nauroz

The show opens with Shamyl Khan’s character, Ramish Khan, telling his daughter a story of a post-apocalyptic world. He then mentions the year is 2046 which is bound to get your gears turning.

The show does deserve credit for bringing the audience in by these reveals and making you question everything that him and his wife are telling their daughter. The story also seems heavily inspired by Rapunzel, of a girl trapped in a closed room with no access to the outside world and only stories from her parent.

We then get a Disney-esque montage of the little girl growing up in the confines of her room into a twenty-year-old Mawra Hocane. We also find out that the year is not decades in the future and present day 2023. The Disney parallels also don’t end there, because the mother passes away.

The episode ends with a plot on Ramish Khan’s childhood friend, Armaghan, being in an unhappy marriage, having an extra-marital affair with a singer and then marrying her. It’s him who has a daughter with his second wife who herself dies in childbirth.

When his father threatens to kill this daughter of a singer in the name of honor, Armaghan runs and gives his daughter to Ramish, choosing him to be her guardian. He does this before dying of a heart attack due to the physical abuse inflicted on him by his family.

The first half of the episode is exciting and revealing, while the second half with the flashbacks gives you context.

Cast Performances in Nauroz

The performances by Shamyl Khan and Mawra Hocane are truly incredible. Khan plays her adoptive father with so much heart and puts his all into every scene he is in.

He is matched toe-to-toe by Mawra who does a masterful job playing a girl who has the naivety of someone who has never left the room she was brought up in. It really is the two of them doing the heavy lifting in this episode. The way Mawra play’s her character’s innocence and child-like wonder quickly makes you love her and root for her.


With a good enough opening and some terrific acting from its actors, Nauroz is off to a decent start. Especially now with the huge reveal out of the way, the show is surely going to find its footing in the coming weeks. Since Nauroz will have a total of 15 or 16 episodes, we cannot wait to see what befalls this father-daughter duo and how the story goes along.


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